Memories of the Way We Were…

In scientific study of the mind it is written that our thoughts come back to us as memories. Ernest Holmes wrote about this in the Science of Mind text: “Memory is a storehouse of all ideas that have passed through my mind. Memory is active for my thoughts come back to me. …Since memory is the result of conscious thought, memory itself is an unconscious operation of what was once a conscious thoughts.” In conclusion, by changing our thought we can re-mold our experience.

This is the whole basis of our teaching and sometimes, although simple, is the most difficult to actually wrap our mind around.  If we think consciously, we can reconstruct our lives. However, it takes patience and lots of love to become a conscious thinker. Once we know something, we are not ignorant anymore. We cannot pretend we do not know. Does this mean we have the power to bring both bad and good into our lives?

We do bring experiences into our lives because we can only attract those things to which we are equal to in thought. However, there is, for me, no such thing as a bad experience. I believe that everything is for my good. I believe this because I intuitively know that what I am experiencing right now in this moment is only a small portion of everything in the matrix of an Universe of order and balance.  What I am experiencing in this moment is my path, my journey and it is here so that I can continue to expand in consciousness, if I choose to, of course.

I can also use my experiences as excuses by blaming outside forces and other people. What if, instead, I just accepted that whatever the experience was, it was here to teach me something about myself? What if I created the play in order to learn something greater? For me, this makes the most sense. Otherwise, it would be a random Universe where things just flew at me from wherever. That’s impossible in my mind.

So, let me get back to this idea of memory. Is it possible to fathom that we are living unconsciously by our memories? Is it possible to perceive that it is our memories that are manifesting our lives? If so, then the only way to change our memories is to change our conscious thought.s. Of course, that goes back to changing beliefs that are creating those thoughts.

For example, let’s say I wanted to bring the perfect relationship into my life? However, my thoughts are centered on how relationships do not work or how I’m not attractive or able. These thoughts are all memories feeding into my storehouse that is unconsciously creating experiences that create more of the same memories that create more of the same experiences. I might have been doing this for a long time.

The only way out of the rut is to think something new consciously and begin to feed our storehouse with new information. Quantum Physics would call this re-wiring our brain. If we wonder why things do not manifest for us in our lives quickly, it is because sometimes it takes a moment or two or three to really change our storehouse memories with our new thoughts.

I am a conscious thinker. I believe everything that happens to me is happening through me because of my perceptions. I know that if I want to change something in my life, I must begin to change my mind about it before it occurs. The world of form comes after. I don’t go out and fix things and try to make things happen without first straightening out my mind about those things.

My biggest example is the building of CSL Kaua’i. As I looked out yesterday at our 6th Annual Sacred Journey Celebration, and the enormity of the gathering of the people of this Island from different tribes and cultures all coming together to celebrate CSL Kaua’i and the Sacred Journey, I asked how did this happen?

Yes, a lot of physical details went into the beginnings and workings of the Center for the past six years, but it is something far beyond that. It is the power of thought. It is the Principle of Life that works through us when we have faith in it and truly believe that it responds to us. When we are working our daily activities from that place, looking for success instead of hoping we do not fail, we our building more and more memories that our activating more and more experiences to build whatever it is we are building as our life.

Principle cannot be denied. We cannot see it besides by its results. Look out into life and you will see what your memories are creating through you. This is not a blame game, it is an exciting experiment that we get to work with. Becoming a conscious thinker is one of the most exciting adventures on which I’ve ever embarked.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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