You are a Creative Being…

Do you believe you are a creative being? Did you know that because you are always Spirit/Energy/Consciousness that you are continually creating by becoming the thing in mind first? Can you look around at your material world and see that it is purely Energy, that it is your creation, sometimes by default and sometimes because you are totally consciousness? The late Barbara Marx Hubbard and other mystics use a phrase called “evolution by choice.”

I would rather evolve by choice than by default. There are a multitude of experiences to be had here on this earth plane. We are Spiritual beings creating human experiences that are unique to our physical form. We create these experiences by molding and shaping our energy by thought powered by feeling. We get to taste and smell and enjoy all kinds of bodily sensations. It is our choice how we live and perceive everything. As old Auntie Mama said, “Life is a banquet and the poor suckers are starving to death.” Are you starving or thriving?

Lately, I have been really open up to exploring the new in my life. I’ve opened back up to my music in a new way through crystal singing bowls and bringing my singing voice back in a new and powerful way. Yesterday, I reached into an old box of stuff and found the treasure chest of my past life that I now get to bring out and create anew. When I looked at all the experiences and creativity I’ve expressed over the last 66 years both with my husband and before, I was astounded. Sometimes, bringing forth our creativity can include treasures that we’ve buried for whatever reason and are now ready to explore again. That is what has been happening to me lately.

We are all creative beings. “Love,” as mystic Dr. Ernest Holmes, “is the desire of life to express itself in terms of creation.”  You are Love. You are God expressing. What are you creating? You have to be creating something because you are a creative being. I invite us all to create consciously, to evolve by choice rather than default. There is so much to express here on earth, so much good we can do by just being ourselves. Last night, I watched Rev Kiah take out all her musical instruments and just purely pour her creativity out onto the stage for all of us to enjoy and be nurtured by. We all have this potential in our own unique way. Let us express it now.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita


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