Surrender the Cause

As I awoke this morning, I felt what I now understand is Island Fever. I came to this Island in 2013 and I have never felt it, because I have always been driven by my passion for the Science of Mind and Center for Spiritual Living Kauai. It was my 24/7 life. I knew I could leave the Island when I needed to and wanted to; but I never had that urge "I gotta get out of here," until late. I believe it is because I feel that my ability to grow CSL Kauai has somewhat been held back. Although grateful for Zoom, I am at the same time tired of it. I miss our friends and members. I want the ability to fill our Center up with whoever wants to be there, free to enter as we wish and practice our freedom of choice.

Ernest Holmes wrote, “You cannot heal anyone of his/her trouble if it is the result of some mental attitude which he/she will not surrender.”

The idea of surrender truly has struck me, as I have worked on my mental attitude that seems to fight whatever is holding the restrictions here on the Island due to the pandemic. I am learning that surrender is the way to peace when one seems out of control, as to what will be next. There is a lot of that lately. Not just in what is keeping us in various stages of lockdown, but in regards to the violence in our country and tension regarding our upcoming election and its results. What does it mean to surrender?

Well, what it doesn’t mean is giving up. It does not mean falling into despair and saying “whatever” either. Surrender is a powerful spiritual practice that allows me to totally trust the Power that works through me. It allows me to sit quietly and listen and follow my guidance instead of going out and trying to change matter with matter. Surrender allows me to live in a peaceful state, while taking action as I can where I am. It doesn’t anticipate the next thing, but simply allows me to look around, see what is and simply do the next right thing.

In regards to opening our Center back up and welcoming our members and congregants back with open arms and lots of hugging, it requires setting an intention for this to be, seeing it already done and trusting Principle. “Principle is the Power that made everything. It is Absolute, It will not and cannot be denied. The only thing that can deny God is yourself.” Ernest Holmes

If my thought is clear and I am willing to recognize the Presence of Spirit is me and this whole experience, my work will give me the result. I must surrender to the perfect Law always working in perfect time. I have a promise that I stick to, “Through the proper use of this great Subjective Law, you can impress a definite idea upon it, and if you, yourself, do not withdraw that idea, or neutralize it by an opposite one the Law will bring it into manifestation.” Ernest Holmes

I surrender anything within myself that is trying to make things happen and instead, I surrender my intention to the working of this Law of Mind in Action. As Joseph Campbell once wrote, “If you do follow your bliss you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living. Follow your bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be.” 

I trust this Power to Open the Doors of CSL Kaua`i, as I surrender any obstacles in my mental way, and move into guided right action.

In Love and Truth,

Rev. Rita

One thought on “Surrender the Cause

  1. Rev. Rita, please know that most of us–whether landlocked or islanders–feel confined and restrained. But know this: by your writing, I feel so expanded, so stratospheric! I know I am among many graced by your art of “lifting the veil” to shine Divine Truth.

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