Healing is Here

“We believe that we are surrounded by the Creative Mind which receives the direct impress of our thought and acts upon it. We believe in the healing of the sick through the power of this Mind. We believe in the control of conditions through the power of this Mind.” Ernest Holmes

This Mind we speak of is the Mind of God in Action that works through each and every one of us, the Law of our Being that can bring healing to our lives. That healing comes with the realization that we are one with this Mind and that we are innately perfect. Our essence is perfect; although we sometimes wear a cloak of imperfection.

I believe in this Truth, and have proved in my life many times. I am a spiritual scientist and am always seeking to prove the Principle of Perfect Health.

I want to speak on one healing I experienced because it relates to what is going on today in the way of COVID19. Do you know that COVID19 could move away from our experience, as soon as we are ready to let it go? I believe this. “There is no great and no small To the Soul that maketh all: And where it cometh, all things are And it cometh everywhere.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

I was born into a genetic lineage of breast cancer. Every time I go to the doctor and they ask my history. It’s on my records. The doctor always lets me know that my mother was a breast cancer survivor, as was my grandmother. This is true in the world of facts and I understand because of this genetic code within my family, I have a tendency to repeat this illness in my own life.

However, the new science (epigenetics) tells me that I only have a tendency to repeat my history, and that there is also the capacity within me to go beyond my genetics through the correct emotional, spiritual, and physical support and change. I turn my genes on and off by my reactions to the environment.

Before I knew this, I cannot tell you how many times over the years I was threatened by the imminent danger of approaching breast cancer. I can’t tell you how many times, a doctor would say he felt a nodule and sent me off for a mammogram, finding nothing. I can’t tell you how many times, I was told I had cystic breasts, and I had to stay on top of it. I chose to look at these doctors as having care for me, and this led me to have a mammogram every year since I was forty.

Then, one day something within me changed. I had been sent off to Oahu for an ultrasound because once again, they thought I had a lump. I was sitting in the waiting room and I called my mentor to tell him I was scared this time. He merely said, “Rita, there’s nothing there.” He did a Spiritual Mind Treatment. His words struck what Emma Curtis Hopkins would call a “key note” within me.

I got off the phone, as I was called into the ultrasound. During the procedure, all I could hear the doctor saying was “Are you sure they found something. There’s nothing here.” He kept going over and over my breast with his equipment. There was nothing. He sent me home with a clean bill of health.

After that experience, I came to realize that I was done with this constant threat to my health and well-being. I was done with sitting on the edge of the doctor’s table waiting for someone to tell me I was okay. I gave up my mother’s disease and my grandmother’s disease. I blessed them and told them I loved them, but that I was me and I was new in this moment. I no longer had a history of breast cancer. I knew that as I affirmed this, I was also clearing the way for my daughters and granddaughters. I even believed that I was clearing past generations of this belief in disease.

When I went for my next mammogram I was told something pretty spectacular. I was told that my breasts were totally fatty tissue. They were perfect. They were no longer cystic.

You might ask, why do I still go for mammograms even now. I do because I realize that although I have faith in my health, I also know that there is a part of me that is still swimming in race consciousness. I will know when I have completely released that. When that time comes, I will do what is next.

So, what does this have to do with COVID19. When I was speaking to someone saying I felt that this disease was leaving and that we were taking back our health, they let me know that it wouldn’t be over until there is a vaccine.

I am not against doctors or vaccines. I have my own beliefs surrounding my own body, and everyone is entitled to their own belief and their own care for their body temple. However, what I do know is that I do not have to wait for a vaccine to see the end to COVID19. It will end as soon as we decide to let it go. It will end as soon as we cease giving it the fearful power we have given it. What we focus on grows and even a vaccine cannot take away a consciousness that is focused on fear of illness.

I am grateful for health. I am grateful for doctors. I am grateful for anything that assists us in living full and loving and abundant health-filled lives. We work in tandem with medicine. However, what I do know is that there is Power within each of us that will bring through us and to us whatever we believe. We will eventually come to realize that we are perfect health and we have always been perfect health. As Dr. Holmes wrote, “We believe the ultimate goal of life to be complete freedom from all discord of every nature, and that this goal is sure to be attained by all.”

A new consciousness is rising, a shift is taking place. We are taking back our power. Through the consciousness of oneness, we will heal ourselves and our planet.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Spiritual Director, CSL Kaua`i, Practitioner and Spiritual Coach

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