My name is Rita Josephine Andriello-Feren. I was born in New York, New York on March 12, 1953. I attended parochial school for 12 years and almost went to Catholic College. However, I had different plans. I ran away from home and got married at 18 years of age.

I am grateful for my Italian Catholic heritage because it gave me a strong spiritual base. I am grateful for the ten years I spent as a Mormon. It assisted in the growth of my faith and discipline of Spiritual Practice.

I spent my 27 years of married life raising my three beautiful children, graduating from college with my Masters Degree, studying singing, teaching high school and mid school theater, and performing in musical theater and opera.

If I had to say what one thing led my life in new directions, I would have to say it was love of theater and acting. Theater always led me to change in my life. It led me into divorce because the more my creative self opened up, the more I realized my life had to change. It led me to my husband of 17 years Patrick Feren. It led me into doing my one person show about my life that in turn changed the lives all those who attended performances. It led me to the Science of Mind teaching. It finally led me into being a minister when I met one of my greatest spiritual teachers, James Mellon through a theater production at his Center.

I am now a full-time minister, running a full-time Center for Spiritual Living with my husband Patrick. I often go back to theater because I feel it is a transformational art form for all who partake in it. At this moment, 2017 we are teaching theater at Pu’ukumu School here on Kaua’i. We are having a joyous and empowering time with 16 preteens and teens. My husband and I have also developed a workshop that started as a prison project called “Flying Solo,” that has transformed the lives of people brave enough to take it My theater experience in producing and directing and acting has been a life skill that has assisted my husband and I in creating our beautiful Center for Spiritual Living.

In 2013, my husband and I brought ourselves to the Island of Kaua’i by the Power of the Law of our Being led by Love. We built this Center from nothing but our own Consciousness backed by the Creative Urge to express, and fulfilled by Law that makes all things possible.

Where is my life going now? I am open. I envision that our Center for Spiritual Living is becoming a Global Center. We bring the message of the individual’s magnificence as a Divine expression of Life Itself. We celebrate oneness and unity. We look for ways to serve the world by empowering each individual to go out and  be their true Divine selves, living their passion.

I trust you will come visit us someday on this beautiful Island of Kaua’i. It is a healing place, a place to rest, a place to restore, to bring perspective to your life. The loving arms of our CSL Kaua’i Ohana await you.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita