Sharing My Thought Train

My life is a miracle! How could I ever complain about anything. And yet, sometimes I still do? What causes me to complain when I know without a doubt that Life is in my favor at all times? Or do I? I believe I do know this. I am strong in my belief, and yet […]

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It’s a Matter of Mastery

I’ve chosen the word “quantum” as a word of contemplation, meditation, exploration and action for these sixteen weeks and it is leading me on quite a journey. Have you ever thought about the advancements of technology in relation to the advancements we’ve made emotionally and spiritually? Technology has surpassed us. This might seem like a […]

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Get Me Out of Here!

I just read an article from Newsweek that quoted the late Stephen Hawking as saying that we earthlings should begin to look for other planets to live on. He said that we possibly only had 100 years here on earth before we will destroy ourselves through climate change, poverty, war, etc. Of course, bringing myself […]

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The Best Kept Secret…SMT

It’s all about acceptance, you know. I’m learning that. This morning the Science of Mind reading was about our form of prayer, Spiritual Mind Treatment. Does the word seem ominous to you? It does to some. They think we are doing something to their mind or fixing something that is wrong. This is not true […]

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Look Up!

I am giving gratitude today for the life of Stephen Hawking, the renowned physicist who made his transition yesterday, March 13. I am not a physicist or scientist, nor do I claim to know anything really about what Stephen Hawking mastered and continued to try to understand from a deeper and deeper place. He most […]

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