The Tipping Point

I am amazed and excited that a country came together yesterday for Nature’s gift in the Solar Eclipse. I felt a definite shift yesterday. We reached what Ernest Holmes would call “the tipping point” yesterday. The greater majority came together in unity to witness the magnificence and power of Nature. There was joy. There were […]

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Living In Ease and Grace

I found a new mentor today, while surfing the net for quotes about ease and grace. His name is Panache Desai. He wrote, “When you are in harmony with yourself, everything unfolds with ease and grace.” And then… “If you are living to be liked, you are suffering. It is painful to live a life […]

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What Are You Thinking?

There is something we all possess and use in every moment. It is called our mental equivalent. Our mental equivalent is the out-picturing of our lives that is created from what we hold in consciousness as true. It is created Unity writer, Emmet Fox, says by “thinking and feeling” He likens the word feeling to […]

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This week another violent hateful act took place in Charlottesville. I understand and am aware of everything going on in the world, but I have to take a reality check. My reality check tells me that these isolated incidents are not, as the media would like us to think, “the norm.” Anne Frank once wrote […]

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What is Grace?

What can I say about Grace? How can I define it? Rumi writes, “Give up to grace. The ocean takes care of each wave ’til it gets to shore. You need more help than you know.” Emma Curtis Hopkins called it “Free Grace.” A gift that only has to be accepted.  “Every way you turn, […]

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