In Memory of Robb Jones RScP

On May 22, 2023, we lost the human presence of a pillar of a man, a magnificent soul, Robb Jones RScP. On this Earth plane, he was a Practitioner of Religious Science and from the very first Practitioner class in our Center for Spiritual Living Kaua`i. He was a friend and more than that, he […]

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God? Who? What? Where?

I am a New Thought Minister and Co-Founder of Center for Spiritual Living Kaua`i. We are a trans-denominational Center where all are welcome. We have no dogma nor do we tell anyone what to do. We do not teach people what to think; but, we do teach them how to think. Our whole teaching is […]

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Let Go. Let God

“My mind is a center of Divine Operation. It’s always for expansion and fuller expression. Always greater than anything that’s come before.” Thomas Troward as quoted by Bob Proctor I let go, I let God. This is what came to me during a short forty-five minute meditation. I am at a crossroads. As Robert Frost […]

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Happy Birthday, Patrick Feren!

Twenty-seven years ago, I saw a man across a crowded room. I knew he was there to do a talk about acting in Los Angeles, but I didn’t know anything else about him. I remember thinking, “I’m going to know that man someday.” There was something significant about our connection and it had nothing to […]

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This is the Moment

“All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost. The old that is strong does not wither. Deep Roots are not reached by the frost. From the ashes, a fire shall be woken. A Light from the shadows shall spring. Renewed shall be the blade that was broken. The crownless […]

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“Truth lies within ourselves: It takes no rise from outward things, whatever you may believe. There is an inmost center in us all, where truth abides in fullness and to Know rather consists in opening out a way whence the imprisoned splendor may escape than in effecting entry for light supposed to be without.” Robert […]

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Stay the Course

I’ve been thinking of this idea of staying the course. I hear in nautical terms it has something to do with the steering of a ship. Sometimes those who sail have to make small turns to adjust to the wind or avoid a storm, but you must always stay the course. “Because water currents or […]

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Breakthrough is a noun and is defined as “an act or instance of removing or surpassing an obstruction or restriction.” Therapists often use this term when a patient has a sudden realization, when a lightbulb goes off and one is suddenly catapulted to a higher way of thinking. The term is used in the scientific […]

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