There’s Been a Healing!

Last night, we had a healing circle at our Center. I love these circles all the time, but last night was seemed beyond the normal. It was the Consciousness that I felt at our Center the moment I walked in. Now, I know that all Consciousness comes from within, but last night it seemed that […]

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It’s Just Not True!

The reading today in the Science of Mind text was a meditation titled “No Condemnation.” It’s on page 518 if anyone wants to look it up. I was really struck by what it said giving me the challenge of accepting “There is no condemnation in me nor operating through me. …Only those thoughts can enter […]

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The Great Principle of Life

There is a quote by Ernest Holmes that really means a lot to me. It is this: “Cannot the Great Principle of Life create for us all that we need? The Universe is inexhaustible; It is limitless, knows no bounds and has no confines. We are not depending on a reed shaken by the wind, […]

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Love Thyself

If Spirit or Life creates from itself, the question is how does one become the thing that it wants  in life before it is manifest. There is only one way I know this is possible. It is through the energy of love. Love is a creative force. Self love is the answer to everything. Now […]

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Above and Beyond

All week I have been working with this concept of going “above and beyond,” trying to make it real for myself. It is really is a simple concept, but it does take discipline to practice it. If I want to be successful at anything, I have to be consistent and practice it in every moment. […]

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Is My Past Living Me?

I am intrigued by this idea of my past living me. Is it possible that the very life I live is being driven by my past experiences? If this is the case and I believe that it is, I can see why I would not be able to move into a new unlimited life. If […]

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