Truth, the Great Mover

Could we actually believe that no one is denying us our good, that everything is here for us? Could we actually believe that nothing is standing in the way of our desires for life, health, love and wealth besides our own thought? There was a statement I read this morning by Ernest Holmes that I […]

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When I’m 65

I’m not sure why the Beatles wrote the song and called it “When I’m 64…” I didn’t experience what could be called the stigma of ageism until I turned 65. I am not one to mind getting older and I believe in growing older and wiser with grace. I have no intention but to age […]

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What’s Up-Rising in You?

Today, I got a glimpse of the protest in Paris because my friends are there vacationing. It is involving the French Yellow Vest and their 18th straight weekend of demonstrations against President Emmanuel Macron. Simply, they are protesting economic injustice and favoring of the elite. I’m sure there is more, but I will not get into […]

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For New Zealand and All of Us

We cannot solve the world’s problems by turning toward them and trying to figure it out from there. We cannot wait for violence to stop to feel safe. We cannot say we love one group of people and not another. We cannot continue to divide ourselves between peace and hatred. The recent mass shooting in New […]

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For the Good of the Whole

What does it mean when we say “for the good of the whole?” I remember a time when I was told that I should sacrifice a part of what I wanted for my life “for the good of the whole.” I quickly learned that “for the good of the whole” is not about sacrifice. In fact, […]

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