How Can I Ever Change?

Dr. Joe Dispenza gives us a formula for changing our state of being. You can find it in his books and his many Youtube videos. Simply put, make a conscious intention for change and live the emotion of that change before it occurs in the world of form. It takes practice, it takes mental rehearsal […]

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Don’t Give Up Now!

In studying the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza, simply put, I am learning that my brain is a big computer that is run by my mind and that my emotions are lodged in my body/subconscious clamoring for attention. I am learning that whatever I feed my subconscious on a continuous basis will come back to […]

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Breaking All the Rules!

There is a rule that says not to go through a traffic light. It’s a good rule and is meant to create order and safety on the road; however if you found yourself in a situation where going through the light might be the only way to save your life, you’d probably break that rule. […]

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Rising from the Ashes

I used to have a real fireplace. The kind where you put real logs in and had toasty fires on cold nights. One of the things I remember about that was cleaning out the ashes before I could start another fire. It was my least favorite part of having a fireplace, but a necessary task […]

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The G Word

I feel that one of the most misunderstood concepts is that of God. When I first began as a practitioner and then a minister, I even stayed away from even using the word when speaking or praying because of fear of offending someone. Some people have such a negative reaction to the word God, that […]

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Up, Up, and Away!

Have you ever ridden in a hot air balloon? I have. I used to be on a chase crew and one day I had the opportunity to take a ride. I have never experienced such complete silence, as I glided high above the ground of the deserts of New Mexico. It was as if there […]

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