A Spiritual System

We get up early on Sunday mornings to get ready for our talks and to make sure everything is running smoothly in our Center of Spiritual Living. This morning, I was feeling a little under the weather. I hate to use the term, but I’ve been fighting off some type of congestion that seems to […]

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Hidden Strength

I am struck by the image of an iceberg as I think of the idea of our hidden strength. What we see of our lives is like the tip of the iceberg peeking out of the water. The hidden strength of us is what lies within, beneath the surface. It is our subconscious mind. We […]

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Food Glorious Food

In my 66 years on this earth, one thing I know is that I love food and I am not afraid of it. I was brought up to eat everything that was set before me. From liver to pasta to oysters, I loved food and was willing to try just about anything. When I went […]

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Creation or Reaction?

Are we creating the life we want or are we reacting to life. This is the question I asked myself this week, as I dealt with the day-to-day duties of running the business of our Center. As I dealt with the world of finances, it was explained to me that there is a natural ebb […]

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To Me, By Me, Through Me, As Me

There are four states of consciousness which are ours to experience. At times, we experience one or the other or all of them. We might grow from one consciousness to the other over time and through our spiritual work. These states of consciousness are (1) To me consciousness, (2) By me consciousness (3) Through me […]

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Not Just Another Thanksgiving

I am in constant search of answers to life’s journey. I am especially connected to the knowing that healing is always possible. Yesterday, some very young people left this earth plane by means of a horrendous car crash here on Kaua’i. Our small Island immediately moved into a state of mourning for the loss of […]

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Check in With Your Super Power

People often ask how to embody the beautiful Principles that we teach in the Science of Mind and Spirit. How can you embody the idea that you are God’s perfect expression? How do you embody abundance or peace or compassion? These are all ideas that we can understand theoretically, but how do they become ours […]

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