Are You Camera Ready?

When we are camera ready in the film world it means we have our makeup and costume on, our lines are memorized, we are filled up with emotion for our role, and we are in the present moment, calm and poised.  Let’s exchange the word camera ready for opportunity ready. Are we opportunity ready? This […]

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Everything is Belief

If everything is Belief, and I KNOW it is, then I think it’s logical to say should we want to change something about our life, we must change our beliefs. This has been a life-long process for me. I didn’t always know that I could change my belief and change my life. I only began […]

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We Are All Kings

I grew up in the Sixties, but I wasn’t an Elvis fan. I was a Beatles’ girl. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, I loved, Paul, Ringo, George and John. It was only recently that I was awakened to Elvis through the new film, “Elvis.” I am grateful for filmmaking. When I got notice yesterday that “Elvis” was […]

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Letting Go

Ernest Holmes wrote, “I surrender all my fears – those nameless fears which have beset me for such a long time, dulling my pleasure and clouding with misery and apprehension all of my days. I am now through with fear. …My peace is found in the Heart of God.” This beautiful reading came to me […]

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What of Eternity?

I recently sat in a circle with several souls expressing their gratitude and the miracles that had occurred in their lives. There was a lot of joy exuding from each, and yet challenges too. However, they seemed to see through the darkness to the light of their lives. Suddenly, a Knowing with a capital K […]

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Act As If!

There is a saying: “Act as though I am and I shall be.” I thought this quote came from the Bible, but apparently, it doesn’t. It is not necessary to know where it comes from to practice it. “Act as thought I am and I shall be.” Another way to say this is “Act as […]

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Find Your True Voice

The question I have today is how does one find their True Voice and feel confident speaking anywhere to anyone no matter what. I have worked with and trained many people who feel nervous when they have to speak in public. I was one of those people at one time. Let’s even take it beyond […]

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Freedom is a State of Mind!

There is a song from the musical Shenandoah called “Freedom.” The message of the song is simply: there is no place or person that will give us freedom until we feel free mentally. “Freedom is a state of mind.” This song perfectly articulates what we teach in the Science of Mind and Spirit. We are […]

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