Wake Up Flower Children!

We just watched a film last night called, “Sunseed, the Journey.” It was about the 1960’s and the coming of the East to the West in the form of different gurus and philosophies, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sufism. It brought back memories of that time period and many thoughts about how it applies to […]

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We Have the Power!

In the teaching of the Science of Mind and Spirit, we understand that all form is temporary. However, there is Energy, the Formless, the Field that is Eternal. The mystic and teacher Ernest Holmes wrote, “All form is temporary. It is the eternal play of Life upon Itself.”  Life is all there is, and we, […]

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Message in Lightning

Last night we had one of the most intense thunder storms I’ve ever experienced. I’ve spent 27 years in New Mexico experiencing thunder storms and New York as a child. Never do I remember experiencing what I experienced last night. At one point the thunder just kept rolling and rolling for seemed like hours. It […]

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Take Care of Yourself

I have every reason to be worried, but I’m not. I am convinced that we are all going to be just fine. Last night, I woke up and my throat felt scratchy. Instead of going into a panic or wondering if this was it – the virus, I simply began my mantra, which is “There’s […]

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In the Greater Reality

Every time, before I begin to write this blog, I ask: “What do I need to know today?” I close my eyes and I let go. Today, I need to know that all is well. How can I know that? I know it because I know I am living as a bigger field of Energy, […]

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Training My Army

You have an army within you called your immune system. I invite you to first listen to this short video by Dr. Joe Dispenza: Your Immune System before continuing with this blog.  Okay, now you know how capable a strong immune system is. You also might know that diet, exercise and attitude help to strengthen […]

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