To Believe is to Act

I can say I believe something, but am I acting from that place? If I want to test myself on whether or not I believe something, I should check into my actions. Am I acting like I believe that? Many times, I hear people say that they do believe; but then when they really delve […]

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What Are We Waiting For?

What are we waiting for? Sometimes, I get tired of saying I am an evolving point of consciousness in the Mind of God. Yes, of course, I am alway evolving and expanding, but sometimes it makes me feel like there is something that I haven’t quite gotten yet or understood yet. I need to know […]

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I Love You, California!

I am finding myself turning toward the condition. I have so many friends in the California area of the fires that it is occupying my mind in a way that is not conducive to assisting them. This morning in meditation, I got the strong message to “turn away from the condition.” What does this mean? […]

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