Free Falling

What is the definition of free falling and how does it relate to me and spirituality?  According to the dictionary definition, it is an occasion when something or someone falls quickly under the influence of gravity or a fast fall from a great height under the influence of gravity. I recognize my life to be one of […]

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At My Command

When I was a senior in high school, I entered a talent show. I had a good voice and I chose to sing “People” from Funny Girl. The room was loud with applause when I sang the last note. I didn’t win. The award went to a pianist. They told me that my talent was […]

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I See Like a Bird

What is a bird’s eye view? The dictionary defines it as: “a view from a high angle as if seen by a bird in flight: an overall or cursory look at something.” In life it can sometimes be easier to have a bird’s eye view of a situation or experience after it is over. I can […]

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The Power of Mind

During the throes of Hurricane Dorian, Marianne Williamson apparently tweeted something like this, “Millions of us seeing Dorian turn away from land is not a wacky idea; it is a creative use of the power of mind.” She had spoken about us coming together to visualize the Hurricane subsiding, and, she was deeply ridiculed for this […]

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Finish Line Begone!

There is no such thing as a finish line. It is merely an imaginary line we’ve drawn in on an imaginary page that says that we won’t go any further than that. I’ve had many finish lines in my life. They come with the decisions I make. The decision to stop having more children. The […]

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Born to Heal

I believe we are born to heal, and yet, I am aware of so many who are emotionally and physically ill. They feel there is no way out of their present situation. They are suffering from a debilitating disease or the loss of a loved one or depression due to a traumatic event from their […]

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Taking the Cottages with Me

When my husband and I have a particularly long stint of accomplishment we celebrate with a  staycation at the Waimea Plantation Cottages. We do this usually about twice a year, and I cannot tell you how important and refreshing this two to three day staycation is. It is our way of telling ourselves – “You […]

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