Where Do You Stand

I would say that when I decide to be committed to something, I am relentless.  I remember when I committed to write a blog every day. I did it for over six years. I didn’t miss a day. If I had a conflict, I’d just get up earlier to meet my commitment first. I remember […]

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God is in the Middle

Last night we were told the poignant and gruesome tale a person suffering horrendous pain in the last moments of life on this earth plane.  When the hospice practitioner at her side did not know what else to do, she heard a voice that spoke gently, God is in the middle. This was the knowing […]

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How to Live Excellently

When I think about committing to excellence, it brings up many emotions and feelings and old beliefs stir. I was pressured a lot to be excellent, a word which to me meant being perfect. I never seemed to measure up to the scale that was held before me, and it made for a very insecure […]

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“Get Well, of Course…”

In the mid 1800’s Malinda Cramer one of the founders of Divine Science, came to know her health after a lifetime of suffering with a chronic disease. One morning in despair and after years of medical treatments failing, she asked the question, “Is there any way out of these conditions? Is there any power in […]

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Decide to Be Healthy

I practice the Science of Spiritual Mind Healing. I believe it is as worthy of a profession as that of being a Doctor of Medicine. Many others join me in this field, and we have been very successful in experiencing healings in our own lives and the lives of those around us who seek our […]

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A Time to Recommit

On October 19, 2012 at sunrise, my husband Rev. Patrick and I stood on the shores of the beach behind the Kaua’i Beach Resort and held the very first celebration service for an idea that we had committed to – Center for Spiritual Living Kaua’i. No one attended that service besides the crabs and fish […]

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Picking Up Small Stones

It was a different 4th of July for us. It was very quiet. I think we needed the respite from all the busyness of the last few weeks as we get ready for our Center’s 6th Anniversary here on the Island. So, last night we ended the evening by watching “The West Wing,” which I’ve […]

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