A Swami Healing

Yesterday was the last day of our Sacred Journey of the Visionary. We finished and held our closing ceremony at the Hindu Monastery of Kauai`i.  We were honored to have our yearly visit with Sadasivanathaswami, who so generously spoke with us and took us to the Holy Temple that is being built there. He shared […]

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Understanding the Journey

Today is the last day of the Sacred Journey of the Visionary 2020. I am grateful for these seven days. So much has transpired, and it has been nothing like what I had expected it to be. Surprise would be its middle name. I would say it is the most difficult Journey we’ve facilitated, while […]

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Just Little Bit More

When we are exercising and we want to improve our distance in running, our speed or perhaps the weights we lift, we push ourselves a little further than before. It’s the same with our spiritual growth. We must push ourselves a little further than we think we can go, especially when things seem rough or […]

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Prayers are always Answered

Ernest Holmes wrote, “Can we believe that there is a God who picks out some man/woman and says, “I will honor your prayer, but I do not think so much of Mr. or Mrs. So and So”? It is superstitious to believe that God will answer the prayer of one above another. ….Since some people […]

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No Dogma; Only Freedom

The Philosophy and Faith that I live my life by, The Science of Mind and Spirit, allows me complete freedom. It teaches me of my Power as a Divine Being, a piece of God, made of God Stuff, Infinite Intelligence  and with all the attributes of God, First Cause. The most significant of these is […]

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A New Story

What are you still carrying into this moment that no longer serves you? I’ve been asking myself that question. Ernest Holmes once wrote, that “our thoughts go out from us and then return to us as a memory.” This is a double-edged sword. Of course, there are many memories that our pleasant and make us […]

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