Thanks for the Prayers

“The Central Pacific Hurricane Center said a “jog to the north” Sunday night ― thanks to increasing wind shear and a low-level ridge ― protected the islands from the strongest impacts from the storm.” from Hawaii News I add to this – “thanks to the prayers. Yes, we do not live in a happenstance Universe. […]

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Oh, Douglas!

“Pure Spirit is not and cannot be governed by any weather conditions whatsoever. All weather is a manifestation of Spirit, a flowering of the Divine in sunshine, in shade, in rain and in clouds. …Every belief that I may ever have had that says I am afraid of weather conditions is now vanished from my […]

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Relax into the Unknown…

Ernest Holmes, the Founder of Science of Mind and Spirit, mystic, author and teacher once stated: “Relax into It~” He gave this challenge to a young minister who was nervous about giving his first talk. “Relax Into It” meant to just relax into Spirit, the Intuitive within that guides and directs our path. In this […]

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Are You Ready to Decide?

Making a decision is the first step in manifesting anything in our lives. But, how do we make a decision? Many people ask this question. I understand that decisions can come from various places. A decision can come from our ego. It can come from what other people want us to do. A decision can […]

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I Keep My Promise

There is a special meditation written by Dr. Ernest Holmes, mystic, author and Founder of the Science of Mind and Spirit. I feel it is so appropriate for these times right now. We are being told a lot of things in the media, from various people, and leaders, much of it not edifying at all: […]

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The 7-Year Itch!

The 7-year itch, along with being a movie with Marilyn Monroe about the temptations of infidelity, is the notion that after seven years of marriage (or a long relationship), you start to get unhappy or unsatisfied and long for something more. I do not know how or who came up with the mark of seven years being […]

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