Faith is a State of Mind

Faith is defined by many spiritual texts, but what it all boils down to this: Faith is a state of mind. We all have faith in something. It isn’t something we have to go and get. Faith is something we direct. We can have lots of faith in uncertainty or disaster or waiting for the […]

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What to Do About Evil?

Yesterday, we made our yearly pilgrimage to the Hindu Monastery with our Sacred Journeyers. There we met Sadasivanathaswami, who took us on an amazing walk through the Monastery and to the Holy Temple. We chanted in the inner chamber and spent our time enjoying the magnificence of Nature in all its glory. At the end […]

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A New Home

There has been much inner action regarding our home since we received the news that the one we are living in is going up for sale. How does one demonstrate a home? Ernest Holmes, mystic, author and Founder of the Science of Mind and Spirit, writes this: “If we have the mental equivalent of a […]

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Mystical Curiosity

“A mystic is not a mysterious person, but is one who has a deep inner sense of Life and of his/her Unity with the whole. A mystic is one who intuitively perceives Truth and, without mental process, arrives at a spiritual realization. …Spirit alone is their teacher.” I love this definition by Ernest Holmes. It […]

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The Power of Commitment

I committed to doing a specific heart meditation for 30 days. Today is my 30th day, and I must say there is something amazing and mystical that transforms us when we are truly committed to our growth and expansion. I am grateful for this commitment I made and for the beautiful manifestation it has provided […]

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Into the Unknown…

I am back from a six day journey into the past for my husband, but into the unknown for me. I was able to travel alongside him into his past and experience things and people I’d never met or seen before. I can’t say it was a restful journey. I wonder why? I think it […]

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At the Point of Giving Up?

In every hero’s, there is a point where the hero literally gives up. It seems that everything is lost and the hero will never accomplish what it is he/she has set out to accomplish. The hero is literally at a loss of what to do and it seems that he/she will go back to their […]

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The Wow Factor

I have to admit I had never heard the term: “The Wow Factor.” I first heard it a few weeks ago when someone was describing a personal demonstration they had that had gone beyond what they expected. They said, “I hadn’t left room for the Wow Factor.” I started to look more deeply into the […]

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Are You A Wizard?

Recently, out of curiosity, I took one of those quizzes that tell you what kind of person you might be or what your personality traits equal in the way of life experience. I just couldn’t help myself, but now I know why I usually do not allow myself to do these kinds of tests. I […]

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