What Do I Want?

I ask myself this question every day because I want to make sure I am living in my true potential. What Do I Want? is not an easy question to answer. It takes guts. It takes honesty. I takes the willingness to hear the answer. I dare you to ask this question today and hear […]

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Am I Safe?

After moving through the COVID19 pandemic and living in the midst of many different experiences and reactions to it, I am asking the question “Am I Safe?” I am traveling to the Mainland this week from Kaua`i, and I am asking myself the question, “Am I safe?” It is a good question to ask, because […]

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Infinite Possibilities

“With man this is impossible. But with God, all things are possible.” I wrote this quote in the first blog of my book “What Do I Need to KNOW?” with this: “When I set about to do something and my finite mind says it is impossible, it is impossible. However, when I know with the […]

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The Glass Ceiling

As I meditated this morning, I was influenced by today’s Science of Mind reading on page 286 about the four people who went to a Practitioner for treatment for a job. Each person had a certain salary consciousness and when they demonstrated their individual jobs, they received exactly that amount of salary. It made me […]

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Do I Have Faith?

On page 284 of the Science of Mind, Ernest Holmes discusses Faith. He writes, “Faith is real to the one who experiences it and cannot be denied to the mind of the one who has proven it. …Faith will not be denied, will not take no for an answer. It speaks an affirmative language. Faith […]

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How to Fix a Problem

Ernest Holmes wrote, “If one does not know exactly what he wishes to do, he should treat himself for general success in whatever he attempts to do. He must treat himself for guidance into the knowledge of that which would be best for him to do, remembering that the Inner Mind knows infinitely more than […]

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So much is going on right now. One could lose faith if one allowed oneself to do so. As I woke up today, I thought about how frightening it can be to rely on anything outside of oneself. I thought about how we rely on our jobs for our paychecks. I thought about how we […]

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The Eye of the Needle

There are many things happening in the world of conditions or world of form that are challenging our very being right now. There are shootings that seem to be multiplying daily. There are freedoms that we once took for granted now gone. The reversing of Roe Vs. Wade is already affecting many of us. Many […]

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