Freedom is a State of Mind!

There is a song from the musical Shenandoah called “Freedom.” The message of the song is simply: there is no place or person that will give us freedom until we feel free mentally. “Freedom is a state of mind.” This song perfectly articulates what we teach in the Science of Mind and Spirit. We are […]

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Buck Moon = Book Launch

“To put it simply, a buck moon is a full moon that happens in July. Its name derives from the bucks or male deer whose antlers grow at its peak during this time. Some say that it was the Native Americans that bestowed this name to the July full moon. This is the time when […]

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Do I Have Faith?

On page 284 of the Science of Mind, Ernest Holmes discusses Faith. He writes, “Faith is real to the one who experiences it and cannot be denied to the mind of the one who has proven it. …Faith will not be denied, will not take no for an answer. It speaks an affirmative language. Faith […]

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So much is going on right now. One could lose faith if one allowed oneself to do so. As I woke up today, I thought about how frightening it can be to rely on anything outside of oneself. I thought about how we rely on our jobs for our paychecks. I thought about how we […]

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