The Best Kept Secret – Spiritual Mind Treament

If you would like to introduce your friends to the New Thought Philosophy in a simple concise way or find out more about it yourself, then my little book This Thing Called Treatment is for you. It is a simple read and logically follows the progression of the New Thought Movement as it relates to the mystic and teacher and founder of the Science of Mind and Spirit – Ernest Holmes.

Ernest Holmes might be the best kept secret of the 21st Century. He was a humble man and wasn’t motivated by notoriety. However, what he was motivated by was his strong passion to give each of us the tools to be masters of our own thinking. He knew through a lifetime of study and deep contemplation that there is “A Power for Good in the Universe greater than we are and we can use it.”

As you read my book (which I completed as part of my ministerial thesis) you will gain an insight into a mystic’s mind and leave with an introduction to a tool you can use to change your life.

I am an advocate of Spiritual Mind Treatment because I know it works. I’ve proved it over and over again, as I have faced the challenges of life. I’ve healed myself of financial disasters and made myself more prosperous. I’ve revealed perfect health in health challenges for myself and others. I’ve put myself on the road to living the life of my dreams everyday. How? Because I’ve learned and continue to learn how powerful my consciousness is because it is entwined with the one Consciousness that created galaxies and Universes.

Ernest Holmes once wrote, “To learn how to think is to learn how to live.”  He knew this because, along with other mystics, he knew how powerful the subconscious is and strove to prove that it can be controlled and directed by the conscious mind.  Learning how to think is the beginning of life of peace, love, prosperity and more. Learning how to think and taking responsibility for our life’s creations is the secret that we’ve all longed for.

In my book, This Thing Called Treatment, you can begin this journey or share it with others. I look forward to hearing from you and having a conversation about how Spiritual Mind Treatment changed your life…for the better.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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