Simple Law for Success

There is a simple Law of the Universe that is a guarantee for success and it is this: Focus your attention only on what you want to experience in life. In other words, stop thinking about the things you do not want. It’s a simple Law and you would think everyone would be using it […]

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What Would Jesus Do?

No matter your thoughts or beliefs about Jesus, we cannot deny that his message was one of love, forgiveness and healing. Although I do not embrace my childhood religion, I still every once and a while ask, “What would Jesus do?” Who remembers this question, asked when we were in a conflict about something? Asking […]

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Dream Big!

What does it take to dream big? For me, it takes letting go of all my limited thoughts and embracing the truth that everything is vibration. I am vibrating. You are vibrating. Vibration/Energy must take form. The more I can increase my vibration, the more unlimited I am. What increases my vibration? I vibrate at […]

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How is Not a Good Question

“If you can hold it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand.” Bob Proctor, motivational coach writes and talks on this in many of his presentations. In the Science of Mind and Spirit Philosophy, we teach that it is the “will” that holds our thought in place, allowing us to shift our […]

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Daring to be You!

To dare is to have the courage to do something. I am being called to dare. Are you? With all the turmoil in the world, it might be easy to sit back and wait. It can be comfortable to just hope that everything will turn out all right. It is tempting to just think someone […]

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Dream…Then Live…

Vincent Van Gogh was wrote, “I dream of painting; then I paint my dream.” This is significant to me in my own life. My dream of what life can be must be lived. In other words, there are to steps to living: Using our imaginations and then acting from that place. It is not enough […]

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A Whole New World – Part 3

In a rapidly changing world, filled with uncertainty, I am being called to go deeply into what I truly want to experience right now. I am being called to let go of all the preconceived notions and expectations I have for my future. I am feeling the calling to create from the unknown. My mentor […]

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A Difficult Beginning…

During these uncertain times, it is easy to feel that the life we once knew is unraveling. I am grateful we took the opportunity to travel to the Mainland and visit family. I am grateful that we stepped beyond hesitancy and moved in the direction of our intentions to experience love and connection. Our trip […]

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Our Chief Illusion

Empowerment coach, teacher, author and motivational speaker, Bob Proctor wrote, “Man’s chief delusion is his conviction that there are causes outside of his own consciousness.” I agree and I know and believe that this is more than an idea. It can be proven. Our Consciousness is everything. It will change our experience because we will […]

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