How Do You Want to Feel?

Many of us talk about going back to the way things were. I do not think it is possible, nor do I want to. I do want people to be able to work again, support their families, feel the prosperity that is their Divine inheritance, have health and strength. Yes, these things I envision for […]

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Happy Mother’s Day!

It’s Mother’s Day! I know that it is a day of many feelings. When I think of the word “mother,” I know that we have had as many different experiences with this word as there are people on this planet. The idea of mother brings up many different feelings depending on those experiences. When we […]

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Everything HAS Changed

One has to have complete faith and trust to live through these times. This morning my husband and I were talking. He used the term “crumbling” when referring to our Center for Spiritual Living. I was startled at first when he used that word, but it did make sense. We’ve have built CSL Kaua`i ​with […]

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Everything Happens for a Reason?

When something occurs that is distressful or tragic, there is a somewhat pat answer that we sometimes get from spiritual advisors. It is “Everything happens for a reason.” I just read a wonderful blog by Dr. Jim Lockard about this very topic primarily concerning the  COVID 19 pandemic. It got me thinking, and I reflected […]

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Consciousness First

“Ernest Holmes wrote, “Ignorance stays with us until the day of enlightenment, until our vision toward the Spirit broadens and casts out the image of a no longer useful littleness. What we now experience we may cease experiencing if we have the will and the imagination to set our vision in an opposite direction and […]

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Birthing Prosperity

Prosperity has been on many of our minds during this time of the Coronavirus. In fact, more than likely, it has been on many of our minds for much of our lives. How many of us never concern ourselves about money? Honestly, I know that I have had to come to terms with my abundance […]

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Yesterday, I took a moment to stop. I shut off my connections to the outside world and went within. The surprising thing is that I had truly not done this during the time of the Coronavirus. Yes, of course I did my meditations and daily treatments, but  I simply took off like a race horse […]

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64 Crayola Crayons

Yesterday, Sunday, April 26, I gave a talk at our Center(cslkauai) called “64 Crayola Crayons. You can find it on YouTube: 64 Crayola Crayons One thing I remember about my childhood is my crayon box. I loved to color. When they reintroduced adult coloring books, I embraced them from more of a Zen perspective for […]

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