Go Viral with Bliss

December has begun and I have witnessed more people in the Holiday Spirit than ever before. Lights have been going up everywhere immediately after Halloween. What my husband calls cross-decorating was prevalent throughout our neighborhood. We couldn’t wait for Thanksgiving to pass. Christmas lights with pumpkins and Thanksgiving décor appeared. Why the demand for the […]

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Let us Harmonize Together

“The Nature of First Cause is that it is harmonious. If there were an element of inharmony, discord or decay anywhere in Its Nature, It would destroy Itself.” Ernest Holmes What is First Cause but the Unified Field of Intelligence, the One Energy and Source. It is constantly pouring Itself into the Soul of the […]

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United We Stand

As the U.S. election process continues, I believe for many of us the most alarming revelation is that our country is so divided. No matter who we are electing to the office of President, this is information that tells me that we have work to do. It might seem impossible in the relative/conditional world to […]

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What Are We Waiting For?

It is November 5, and 2 days have passed since our National Election. Many of us wait with hopes of our candidate winning, wondering why is it taking so long. We anticipate many things – some good, some questionable. What will happen? I find myself falling into the above trap of waiting, checking my cell […]

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We Can Be Kind

“We can be kind. We can take care of each other. We can remember that deep down inside we all need the same thing.” David Friedman I love the lyrics of the song “We Can Be Kind.” The notion of kindness is so simple; and, yet, seems to be difficult for so many of us. […]

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Offensive or Defensive?

Do you live an offensive or defensive life? Do you spend your time defending what you are doing? Do you second guess your decisions? Do you defend your decisions to yourself and others or do you move through life with determination and conviction? I don’t know a lot about football, but I do know there […]

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In the Womb

No matter the outcome of the upcoming election, whether I am blue or red or no color at all, there is something I must know now. What is that something? I must know that no matter what transpires, all is well. If the Universe is always conspiring in our favor, and I believe it is, […]

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More Than Meets the Eye

I know there is always more than meets the eye. What does this mean? Only that what we see, we see from where we are in consciousness; but, there is more than meets the eye because consciousness is always changing, expanding, growing. As Wayne Dyer once wrote, “When we change the way we look at […]

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