One Cell At A Time

  The definition of a virus: “infectious agent with both living and nonliving characteristics that is totally dependent on a host cell for replication…” We’ve got a virus right now and there is something we can do about it. The most important thing I am remembering right now is I am a Spiritual being living […]

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Always at Choice!

There is a country western song called “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” I am feeling that many people are asking this question right now. “Should I go on my vacation?” “Should I cancel my trip to…?” “Should I leave this relationship? “Should I die or should I live?” Yes, even that. What I’m […]

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Birthless, Deathless, Ageless!

“The greatest good that can come to anyone is the forming within him of an absolute certainty of himself and of his relationship to the Universe, forever removing the sense of heaven as being outside himself. ..Such an understanding teaches us that there can never come a time when we shall stop progressing and that […]

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You are Magnificent!

As the fear concerning the Coronavirus continues to spread around the world, I am noticing something amongst the people with whom I surround myself. We are standing strong in our belief in health and wholeness. It doesn’t mean that we are not taking care of our health in the physical realm, but we know something […]

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It is Done Unto Us…

“It is done unto us as we believe.” The whole philosophy of the Science of Mind and Spirit is based on this one statement. I invite us to consider this today. “It is done unto us…”  It might be hard to believe that we do not have to struggle to make things happen in our […]

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