Greater Things Shall You Do!

Are you living in the magic of infinite possibility? Do you realize that life is good and there is a Power that is always conspiring in your favor? Do you realize that you are capable of everything in every moment, that you do not have to live by what’s happened in the past? This is […]

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Beliefs, Rules, Laws

While I was out exercising today on the coastal path, I was suddenly bombarded by all the beliefs we have on this earth plane. These beliefs become our rules for living, which then become the Law of our life. When I say beliefs, I mean what we have accepted as a race consciousness to be […]

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Drop It

I had the opportunity to watch an interview with Mark Nepo, author, poet, mystic, for the second time. I am also reading his beautiful book “More Together than Alone.” Something that struck me last night was the idea of “Drop it.” Mr. Nepo was talking about the many times when our monkey mind spins and […]

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What Are You Feeling?

I had the great opportunity yesterday to be part of the live-stream from Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Advanced Retreat in Portland. The only word I can use for it is “generous.” I spent three and a half hours beginning at 7am learning more about the quantum field and then had the opportunity to be part of […]

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It Will Rise

When I lived in Los Angeles, I was an active member of a Center there. One night, the Spiritual Director was giving a class and he casually mentioned that he imagined having a labyrinth lit with candles in the room we were sitting in. I was immediately called to create that labyrinth. When I say […]

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Sitting on the Fence?

Last night, we finished our Power of Decision Class with our final projects. There is nothing more inspiring for me than to experience the transformations people experience when they truly study and put the Principles of the Science of Mind and Spirit to practice. If anyone reading this blog has not read the Power of […]

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