Love Moves Me

Does love move you? I’m not talking about valentine’s and love for a special person or any other manifestation of love. I am talking about the very essence of who you are, the truth of who you are. You are Love. Love is the self-giviningness of the Spirit through the desire of life to express […]

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What is a Miracle?

Do you realize that what seems like a miracle is merely the Laws of the Universe properly directed in action? I’ve been working on my book about the beginning of our ministry here on Kaua’i. As I was reading over the past that included the move here and all that transpired, I thought, “Wow! How […]

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Like a Jazz Singer

Yesterday evening I had the opportunity to do something that surprisingly I’ve never done as a singer. I had the opportunity to sit with a group of musicians – instrumentalists and other singers – and just improv through the music in the moment. I believe it’s called jamming. I am a novice at this type […]

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Living the Laws of Prosperity

What is prosperity? That is what we are focusing on this month at our Center. We want to get really radical with the idea of prosperity – all of it. Edwene Gaines, who wrote “The Four Laws of Prosperity” has spent her life ministering to people in this one area. ¬†What is Prosperity! FROM EDWENE […]

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Thoughts = Matter

I am more deeply convinced in the Power of our Thoughts and the disciplining of them. I understand that an unruly mind is a detriment to my life and the aspirations I have, and to my ability to be in an inspired state. I must discipline my mind. To me, this means spending time in […]

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