You are the Placebo

Last night we began our workshop based on Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book, “You are the Placebo.” It was exciting to discuss the principles presented in the book, the stories, the scientific studies. What came up is the question “If we can create a life of health, do we also create illness in our bodies?” There […]

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My Tithing Story

Yesterday, my husband and I had a discussion about the Law of Tithing. We practice it and it is one of the most important and necessary practices in my life. It’s called a Law because, like the many Spiritual Laws of the Universe it is scientific and provable. Like the Law of Gravity, it always […]

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How Precious Life Is

“In conclusion, what the world needs now is spiritual conviction, followed by spiritual experience. I would rather see a student of this Science prove its Principle than to have him repeat all the words of wisdom that have ever been uttered. It is far easier to teach the Truth than it is to practice It.” […]

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Lolita, My Angel

Yesterday, September 9, in the early morning, Lolita my 98 year old friend became my angel. Yes, she is most definitely shining throughout the Cosmos, spreading her amazing fun-filled, loving Spirit to all the Universe. I can feel her giggles. I sent a picture of her to one of my friends, and she said of […]

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Follow Your Gifts

In our month of “Daring” at CSL Kaua`i, I have spent much time pondering what is next for me. As i wrote yesterday, “So Big!” we are never done. Life is meant for expansion. This morning while meditating, I heard the voice within say, “Follow your gifts!” Yes, that is what I am called to […]

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So Big!

I remember a game I played with my children when they were babies. It was called “So Big!” I don’t know where I learned it, but I used to sit in front of them and ask in a childlike voice, “How big is ________(name)! Then I’d put my arms up up in the air and […]

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Do You Feel It?

Nothing can ever really keep us apart from each other because consciousness is nonlocal. We all live and breathe in one field of energy. What we feel is felt everywhere. What we think is thought everywhere. It’s all about vibration. Our vibration is matched to like vibration. This is what we experience in the way […]

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I Double Dare You!

The term “double dare” has different definitions. The one I choose to use for the sake of this blog is “a challenge that is harder or naughtier than a regular dare.” Now I’m not going to dare you to do anything naughty, but I am going to continue to dare you and myself to dare […]

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Simple Law for Success

There is a simple Law of the Universe that is a guarantee for success and it is this: Focus your attention only on what you want to experience in life. In other words, stop thinking about the things you do not want. It’s a simple Law and you would think everyone would be using it […]

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