Give In-To It!

In the Abundance Project, created by John Randolph Price, we are to become aware of the Presence of Spirit or Life Force or our Higher Power as the supply of our life. As we do this, what happens is that we are creating our life from First Cause rather than by a reaction to outside […]

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All Systems Are Go

The term “All systems are go!” refers to “something that can now begin because all the preliminary requirements have been met. It typically refers to events or activities but may be used to refer to people in some contexts.” We are experiencing restrictions in our activities, our travel, our ability to do business. I question […]

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Healing is Here

“We believe that we are surrounded by the Creative Mind which receives the direct impress of our thought and acts upon it. We believe in the healing of the sick through the power of this Mind. We believe in the control of conditions through the power of this Mind.” Ernest Holmes This Mind we speak […]

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Life Expressed is You

I do not believe that we have to find our passion. Our passion is who we are. As I use the word passion, I am referring to the Divine Urge that is that very power within us that is moving through us to express life. Life wants to express itself and it moves through all […]

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Conscious Healing

I had an experience recently after a Celebration Service at our Center. I was mentally challenged by a person who thought perhaps I needed to go deeper, and that the faith that he followed was far deeper than anything I had experienced up to this point. He even went as far as to call Dr. […]

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Where is Your Focus?

“The subjective state of thought is the creative medium within us, which fact psychology has proven beyond any question of doubt.” Ernest Holmes SCIENCE OF MIND 489 This same truth has been spoken through the mouths of all the mystics through the ages. The subconscious is the builder of the body or of our affairs. […]

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In Honor of Rev. Terry Taylor

In the early morning hours, today, August 26, one of the most influential and loving persons in my life passed from this earth experience. His name is Rev. Terry Taylor. I met Terry at the NoHo Arts Center for New Thought in North Hollywood over 15 years ago. He came with his beautiful wife, Marilyn […]

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