Are You Root Bound?

Have you ever experienced a plant that is root bound? “If the plant is root bound you can see that the roots have completely taken up the pot, often circling and creating a dense web of roots.”  (from a gardening blog) The plant can’t grow. In fact, eventually it will die because it has nowhere […]

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I Didn’t Know What to Do

Yesterday, I had an experience that was both frightening and enlightening. It was 6:30am and we heard something rustling in the overgrowth around our house. Thinking it was a chicken or perhaps the dozens of cats that live in the jungle behind us, we ignored it. Then, while my husband was taking an outdoor shower, […]

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The Universe is for Us!

“Be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the Universe is unfolding as it should.”Desiderata What if everything that happened in our life was for us […]

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Ode to Tony Robbins

Last night, we watched a fascinating documentary about Tony Robbins and his program “Date with Destiny.” It was inspiring to see people go deep into their stuff and come out the other side with a clearer picture of their true identity. My husband and I kept turning to each other every time Tony would expound […]

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Why Do People Suffer?

I think Buddha asked the same question before he was Buddha and came up with an answer that became Buddhism. I know that many religions have many different answers to this question and they all hold some validity. Ernest Holmes, the founder of Religious Science, wrote that people suffer because they are ignorant of their […]

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“They told me to…”

They called me irresponsible. They called me many things. They told me I shouldn’t marry my first husband. They told me it was too soon to have children. They told me I shouldn’t do this and I shouldn’t do that. Who are they? Why was it so important to let me know what I should […]

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