You Deserve It!

A long time ago, my first Science of Mind teacher Richard Morgan told us that nearly always if we are not demonstrating the life we desire, it is because we feel like we do not deserve it. At the time, I’m not sure I totally comprehended what he was saying, but as the years progressed, […]

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Clarity and Surrender

As I sit here, on my first day off in our new home, I feel great anticipation for what lies ahead. I am astounded by this one idea: one day I was focused on finding a house and moving. Now I am sitting here in a beautiful new home. How did it happen? When you […]

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Who Gave Me Life?

Who gave me life? That is my thought today on Mother’s Day. I read this scientific explanation of how a baby takes its first breath. It was quite intense and involved and amazing. I suggest that if you ever doubt the very Power that you came from, the Power that sustains you, that you read […]

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Let It Go!

There is a Power within each of us that can heal everything. Healing isn’t just about physical ailments. It is so much more than that. If you’ve been reading these blogs, you know we have been moving. One of the most trying experiences about this particular move has been our feral cats. When we moved […]

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It’s All Perfect

It’s Perfection week in Mental Muscle Boot Camp, an online workshop I am taking with Dr. James Mellon. Now, I’ve taken this workshop over a dozen times in an almost 10 year period. It is a great process and if you really work it, your life will take on new dimensions. You will rewire your […]

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I was motivated to look up why whales breach. I was going to use the topic for a talk I was giving about our inner power. The answer I found was not what I expected. Although many scientists had many reasons they thought might be the answer to why whales breach; in fact, not one […]

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