How Are You?

How are you? Really? There are many experiences in the world right now that are calling upon our fear. As I read the headlines and the surging of COVID19 in many places, I can feel the temperature of fear rising. I am committed to staying calm and to continuing to know that the REAL TRUTH […]

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The Abundance Prayer

This morning I experienced an abundance meditation and Ernest Holmes’ Abundance Prayer on page 264 of the Science of Mind. At this time of the year: the Holidays – and at this time in our world when so many are focused on their ability to provide, when many have lost jobs, or paychecks have been […]

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Free to Believe

I had one of my recurring dreams last night. I haven’t had it in a long time. It goes like this, I am being chased in a threatening way by someone and I hide out in my childhood friend’s maid’s quarters in a special room that no one knows about. In the dream, it usually […]

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You are Invited to a Potluck

On the Island of Kaua`i, potlucks are the most popular way of getting together. It works because it takes the burden off the host of having to provide everything for a large gathering. We love to get together in large gatherings. Since the COVID19 Pandemic, there has been a halt on potlucks at our Center. […]

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Follow Your Bliss

In celebration for the month of Bliss that we are celebrating at CSL Kaua`i, I am reposting a blog I found from the first year I landed on the Island 2013. I hope it encourages you to follow your bliss. I am truly living my bliss and I am grateful. “As I look ahead at […]

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Relax Into It

Today, I am reminded of a story of a young minister who was so nervous when he was asked to speak at the last minute by Dr. Ernest Holmes. He was calmed by Dr. Holmes telling him to “Relax into It.” These three words calm me any time I feel any apprehension about doing something […]

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Season of Light

We refer to this time of year – December – as the Season of Light, but what does that really mean? We string lights on our houses and light up our trees. We set our Christmas tree up and we make sure we have plenty of lights. We light candles for Hanukah. We experience candle […]

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Emergent Evolution is Real

When the Universe makes a demand upon itself, it meets that demand. It is called emergent evolution. “It is the kind of evolution that takes place in the necessity of the condition.” Ernest Holmes I am a firm believer in emergent evolution. I use this power anytime I am up against a challenge in my […]

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Where has all the Faith Gone?

What is Faith? My favorite definition of Faith is this: “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” I need this kind of Faith right now. Ernest Holmes, Founder of the Science of Mind, wrote about Faith. “The thought of faith molds the undifferentiated substance, and brings into manifestation […]

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