The Game of Life

In her book, The Game of Life, Florence Scovel Shinn writes, “Many people consider life a battle, but it is not a battle, it is a game. It is a game, however, which cannot be played successfully without the knowledge of the rules or Spiritual Law.” Life is a game, but like every game, it […]

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The Healer – Part 1

Well, I recently sat with someone who told me she had been to a healer. The person said it with much excitement, stating that she had never had quite that experience before. I had worked with this person several weeks ago, and witnessed a great healing in her life. I’m not sure she related it […]

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I am Unlimited

Today, I sit here with the realization that I am unlimited. I sense and feel this as Truth. I am about to co-facilitate the Sacred Journey of Self Love here on the Island of Kaua`i. The participants have already started to arrive. As I receive the phone calls and texts, I can feel the mounting […]

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The Big You Wants to Play

I heard these words this morning and took them to heart: “There’s a big you locked up inside just waiting to come out.” This week is the beginning of our 8th Annual Sacred Journey here on the Island of Kaua`i. There are 17 participants coming to enjoy 7 days of delving into their deepest selves. […]

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You’ve Got the Great Life!

I was on the phone with someone from the Mainland who right before hanging up, said “You two (my husband and I) got the great life over there.” He was referring to our life here on the beautiful Island of Kaua`i. Interestingly, I immediately let him know (jokingly) that we weren’t just sitting here sipping […]

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How Dare You!

All month long we have been talking about being daring. Our mantra has been “I dare to embrace my magnificence!” The question is have I dared to embrace my magnificence all month long? Ernest Holmes once wrote, “Dare to love God without mediator and without veil.” The Power of the One Spirit is in and through […]

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