Say Uncle

Most of us, I’m sure, have heard the term “Say Uncle!” Maybe you’ve even found yourself in a situation where you’ve used its. Its meaning is to surrender or to give up. I always have the picture of two people in a cartoon. One person has the other in a headlock and won’t let him […]

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A Cup of Coffee Means a Lot

This morning I was sitting in the back yard with a cup of coffee. All of sudden a surge of memories from a particular experience from my past arose. These memories filtered into my mind through the cup of coffee in my hand and the temperature of the air. I was catapulted back to a […]

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The Cockeyed Optimist

I was talking to someone yesterday and they said that climate change had gone too far. “There is no way to repair the damage done and it’s not going to get any better,” was their feeling. “We can’t fix it. We are just going to have to ride it out.” I thought a lot about […]

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Happiness is our Responsibility

Before I start, I need to define what I am calling happiness in this blog. It is not a giddy feeling of temporary joy based on what’s happening outside. Happiness is a deep inner satisfaction with our life. So here goes… Have you ever felt responsible for someone else’s happiness or has someone ever made […]

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Rise Up and Surrender!

Our theme at CSL Kaua’i this August is Rise Up and Surrender!” This is the perfect month for me, as I prepare for my one person show on August 29 and 30. Rise Up and Surrender, Rita! We picked the theme purposefully because Patrick is also running the marathon. “Rise Up and Surrender, Patrick.” What […]

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Surrender to Healing

Three mass shootings in a week. Wow! There is definitely a call for healing that is becoming louder and louder. Yes, of course control the guns that are finding their way to the hands of those who are mentally ill and filled with hate. That is only the beginning of the healing that needs to […]

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God Gets Antsy, Too

Today, as I sat in meditation, I just couldn’t settle down. A million thoughts going through my head, my ear itches, is that a mosquito biting me? I took a few deep breaths, and then a few more, and then this thought came to me. “God is in the antzy, too. So just sit with […]

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