We Say We Want Peace?

In his book, The Isaiah Effect, Gregg Braden tells of an indigenous man who shares the idea of unity with him. The man likens it to the sage that is growing around them; although it seems separate, there are the roots below the surface that are one, entwined and growing together. This, he states, is how […]

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After the Storm

We went through quite a storm yesterday here on the Island. Lots and lots of strong wind and rain plummeted us, downing trees, etc. This morning is beautiful, sunny and peaceful.  As I went outside and began to sweep and rake the leaves from the lanai, I reflected on the idea of “after the storm.”  […]

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My New Self

I am so excited for the new. As I’ve been listening to Dr. Joe Dispenza and immersing myself for the first time in the methods of healing and transformation that he uses, I can see that it is in perfect alignment for where I am at right now. It is Science of Mind and Spirit […]

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How Do We Heal?

If God is a Presence and a Principle, which I know it is, and this Presence is perfect and unlimited in its scope, which I know it must be, and if I am a point at which God expresses; then it would be the logical conclusion that I would be unlimited and perfect, also. Ernest […]

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