Staying Grounded in Spirit

As I sit here over 2000 miles away across an ocean, I am thinking of my dear spiritual family in the Ventura/Los Angeles area who are experiencing the present fire. I woke up feeling quite worried about them. I immediately went into Spiritual Mind Treatment. What did I pray for? I declared safety, solution, support, […]

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Fill ‘Er Up!

When I was growing up, every gas station was full-serve. That meant we’d pull into the station and ask the attendant for the amount of gas we wanted. Usually, we’d say, “Fill Her Up!” Then he’d ask, “Premium, diesel, or regular?” The attendant would proceed to give us a full tank of gas, check our […]

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It’s Your Decision

Is it hard for you to make a decision? I remember when we’d take our toddler son into the ice cream store and let him pick out a flavor. He just couldn’t decide. Everyone else would already be eating their cones, and he’d still be trying to figure out which one he wanted. What made […]

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Can You Solve a Mystery

I love a good mystery. One of my favorite fun shows is Father Brown from BBC. It is fun to try to figure out who the culprit is by following all the clues along with Father Brown. Most of the time, I think I’ve solved the crime; but then if it is a really good […]

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Who Created that Belief?

There are so many beliefs out there; as many as there are people.  We turn on the T.V. and there are commercials, letting us know what product will make us feel this way or that. There are news shows that tell us what’s happening in just the right way to enlist our belief. Different stations […]

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The More…

Do you believe there is always more? I learned this concept from my father. He was born in Italy and went through WWII. He was poor and had to hide out in the woods. He told me once he was so hungry he had to eat a cat. Wow! I can’t even imagine that! Since […]

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