Lean Into It

To Lean into it metaphorically means, “the act of embracing something, or a situation, by using it to empower yourself. To lean into something is to own it… .” When I was a young girl, I used to ride on the back of a motorcycle. My parents didn’t like it and forbid me to do […]

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It All Begins with Me…

Emma Curtis Hopkins the great 19th/20th Century mystic wrote, in here beautiful meditation “The Radiant I Am,” the following words. “ I have let people and objects and activities come toward me and impinge upon me till I have been over piled and mountain covered with thoughts. But now I know that I AM at […]

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Forgiveness Begins With Me

For the past few months, I have been stuck in a place that finally, just yesterday, began to rise out of. I asked myself, “How do I release a person from my consciousness that I perceive has hurt me?” I don’t want to hang on to the experience. I don’t want to be triggered every […]

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Who’s Behind the Mask?

As the Coronavirus spikes in many places and as restrictions turn into mandates, I might seem as if we will be wearing masks in public places for an indefinite amount of time. Some of us protest about it. Some of us just accept it without much thought. Some of us consider it wisdom to wear […]

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The Principle

There is a Universal Principle that is changeless. It is always working. We are always using it, and that creates the changes in our life, as we change. We can always depend on it to work. It will never let us down. We cannot break this Universal Principle, although at times, we might seem to […]

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Happy Anniversary, Patrick!

Happy Anniversary to my beautiful and amazing husband Patrick Feren.  We have known each other for 23 years and are celebrating 19 years of marriage today, July 1, 2020. We chose July 1 as our wedding day because of the film “An Affair to Remember.” We identified with that film because of the love that […]

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What is Your Default Setting?

What is Causation? It is that from which all things come. Behind every effect there is a mental cause. We are the mental cause. It is our thoughts, our beliefs, our actions. We can also reset that mental cause in any moment. Ernest Holmes wrote, “We can change the trend of causation in any moment […]

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Consciousness Creates

There truly is a Law of Attraction. It is real and it is feeling our every vibration right now. What is this Law of Attraction? It isn’t fanciful dreaming. It isn’t just about thinking about what you want. It is the essence of our vibratory level of consciousness. It is what we are in every […]

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Father is Us

Yesterday was Father’s Day and no matter our childhood, our relationship with our father or what kind of father we think we are, it is a sacred day, especially right now. I want to celebrate all the fathers, including my own, the Forefathers of this Country, the Forefathers of New Thought and any Father who […]

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