Born to Heal

In 1998, I entered my very first Religious Science Church and I began the journey to discovering the Power of my Mind. At that same time, I was in the throes of a difficult divorce. I’d been married for 27 years. I was also beginning a new relationship¬†with Patrick Feren. I had a lot of […]

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This is Not Your Truth!

A few days ago, I heard my husband screaming in pain from the other room. I went running. Not knowing that the floor was wet from some sudden rain that had gotten through the window, he’d slipped and landed hard on his leg. I was just about to go into SMT (Spiritual Mind Treatment), when […]

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Turn Around!

In close proximity to our back yard, our neighbors are building a large house. Really, our house is all windows and it is right there. As I sit on my couch, where I do my usual writing and reading and meditating, it looms in front of me. However, all I have to do is turn […]

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Larger than Life

I am larger than life and so are you. What does this mean? It means that whatever shows up in our relative or conditional world, we are bigger than that. I used to know a person who was having some challenges in life that he was trying to rise above. He used to say about […]

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Ask for a Sign

When I do a Spiritual Mind Treatment for myself or anyone else, I know that everything that shows up after the Treatment is an answer to the Treatment. In other words, it is a sign that my Treatment is taking effect. If you are not familiar with Spiritual Mind Treatment, it is another word for […]

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How Can I Ever Change?

Dr. Joe Dispenza gives us a formula for changing our state of being. You can find it in his books and his many Youtube videos. Simply put, make a conscious intention for change and live the emotion of that change before it occurs in the world of form. It takes practice, it takes mental rehearsal […]

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Don’t Give Up Now!

In studying the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza, simply put, I am learning that my brain is a big computer that is run by my mind and that my emotions are lodged in my body/subconscious clamoring for attention. I am learning that whatever I feed my subconscious on a continuous basis will come back to […]

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