Life is a Mirror

  “Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it.” Ernest Holmes Everything in my life in the world of conditions is my reflection. My mind is a reflector and if I want to change the reflection I must change me. Did you ever wonder why you were […]

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Bold Love Unleashed

Ernest Holmes once wrote, “When things look the worst, is the time to do our best work.” I am thinking of what my best work might be right now. The famous words of John F. Kennedy echo in my mind,  “My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you […]

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Celebrating Karen Liberman

Today is the Celebration of Life for Karen Liberman, a woman who definitely touched my life deeply. She was a member of our Center for five years. She also cut and styled my hair. But, my feelings about her go far beyond these two ways she touched my world. It is Karen’s spiritual essence I […]

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What are You Looking For?

Henry David Thoreau wrote, “Many men go fishing their whole lives and find it was never fish they were after.” I am so resonating with this quote today. What do we want that we are disguising as something else in our quest to get it? I bring my attention to my own life. It all […]

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Evolving through Challenges

Have you ever had an experience and wondered, how did I attract that into my life? It might be a person that you are in conflict with, or a physical ailment, or a problem with you finances. One of the dangers surrounding these so called negative experiences is that you might have the tendency to […]

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Into the Unknown…

Every day I am feeling more and more that I am being asked to let go and surrender. I am feeling that I can’t hold on anymore to this feeling of trying to feel safe in a relative world that shows itself to be unsafe. I can no longer struggle to not get caught in […]

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The Higher Road

Have you ever wondered how life can get so complicated? I practice a philosophy called the Science of Mind and Spirit and it is very simple. As I was doing my daily reading and meditation today, I was inspired by how simple this philosophy is? It doesn’t ask us to do anything that depends on […]

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