Surrender the Cause

As I awoke this morning, I felt what I now understand is Island Fever. I came to this Island in 2013 and I have never felt it, because I have always been driven by my passion for the Science of Mind and Center for Spiritual Living Kauai. It was my 24/7 life. I knew I […]

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I have in deep grief for the past few month, as it seems that every Sunday I have had to stand in front of our congregation and find some way to explain what is going on in the world, to offer comfort, to reveal truth aback the rubble of despair. I do not despair although […]


Minister is a Verb

For the past five days, I have taken part in a Ministerial Intensive. Eighteen ministerial students came together with their teachers and other leaders from the New Thought Community to be paneled, to attend workshops, and to give talks. The outcome was the decision by a Panel of Ordained Ministers as to whether or not […]

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Everything is Self-Healing

If we truly want to know what is behind everything that is happening in this world right now from COVID 19 to the outbreak from the bowels of our humanity of racism and hatred, it all comes from the deep spiritual need to self-heal. At one time and long time ago, one of our Master […]

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He Who Lives Peace, Lives Peace

I have been a minister for almost ten years. I have been steeped in this teaching for 23 years and never do I remember having to confront such widespread and constant unfolding tragedy and violence and crisis as I have over the last few years. The bombardment of mass shootings, the COVID 19 Pandemic, Wars, […]

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Spiritual Conviction

When I was a young singer, studying seriously with a master teacher, I had many experiences that tested my conviction about myself as a singer. This particular teacher would test me, although I didn’t know it at time, to see if I had what she thought was the conviction and belief in myself to have […]

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Be as a Little Child

Referring to Matthew 18:3, Ernest Holmes wrote, “We must become as little children. How we long for a return of that simple trust in life which children have; in their minds there are no doubts – they have not yet been told that they are sinners, destitute of divine guidance and spiritual life.” I experienced […]

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Centering is Real

Centering is a tool that I use all day long. I have found it useful now more than ever. As I move from the world of isolation of the Coronavirus and more and more into being with others, I have noticed that a certain race-consciousness has instilled itself upon my mind. Do you understand the […]

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Do the Next Right Thing

Blind Faith, in the Science of Mind teaching, means to live life with wishful thinking, in a state of hoping. It is about living life without the consciousness recognition that the Universal Law of Cause and Effect is in operation in our life at the level of our individual participation.  A knowing that we are […]

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Are You Waiting?

In my heart, I am embracing the idea of living in the unknown. I never quite understood what it meant as I do now in this time of the Coronavirus Pandemic. In my past, I would make plans, set goals, get up every morning and do what I do. I knew the sun would rise. […]

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