Simple Law for Success

There is a simple Law of the Universe that is a guarantee for success and it is this: Focus your attention only on what you want to experience in life. In other words, stop thinking about the things you do not want. It’s a simple Law and you would think everyone would be using it […]

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Turn Away from the Condition

In the teaching called The Science of Mind and Spirit we have a mental tool to use when wanting to change something for the better in our lives. It states to “turn entirely away from the condition.” (Ernest Holmes). This statement is sometimes misconstrued to mean that we are in denial of what is really […]

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Participate in Your Good

This morning I found a quote by Dr. Michael Beckwith in my email box: “Don’t anticipate something good;┬áparticipate in┬áthe good.” This reminds me that when I do Spiritual Mind Treatment to reveal a specific good in my life, I can’t just stand by waiting for something to happen. I must actively participate in revealing that […]

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Give In-To It!

In the Abundance Project, created by John Randolph Price, we are to become aware of the Presence of Spirit or Life Force or our Higher Power as the supply of our life. As we do this, what happens is that we are creating our life from First Cause rather than by a reaction to outside […]

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Love and Law

Just using this term “All is Love, and yet all is Law,” as spoken by the great mystics is not enough. We can’t just say the words. We really have to sink deep and bring a realization to what this means. We have to consciously practice it, prove it to ourselves. How does Love and […]

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