Yield to the Truth

Ernest Holmes wrote, “Effective treatment must be independent of any existing circumstance whatsoever, else it will not enter the realm of Unconditioned causation. It will have fallen to the level of those secondary causes which seek to perpetuate themselves in human experience. To rise above the contemplation of conditions is to enter the field of […]

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To Yield

:”To Yield: to surrender or submit (oneself) to another… : to give up and cease resistance or contention…” The two above definitions reflect what I am feeling lately. I am being asked to yield. To whom? To Spirit. What exactly does this mean? Am I giving something up? Am if totally out of control? What does it […]

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Ready to Receive?

When you create a problem and a question, you have already created the solution to that problem. I heard this from Esther Hicks (Abraham) this morning, followed by this challenge: “Do you know how to get in the receiving mode?” Therein lies the solution. This impacted my mind greatly this morning. As I accept that […]

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Faith is a State of Mind

Faith is defined by many spiritual texts, but what it all boils down to this: Faith is a state of mind. We all have faith in something. It isn’t something we have to go and get. Faith is something we direct. We can have lots of faith in uncertainty or disaster or waiting for the […]

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A New Home

There has been much inner action regarding our home since we received the news that the one we are living in is going up for sale. How does one demonstrate a home? Ernest Holmes, mystic, author and Founder of the Science of Mind and Spirit, writes this: “If we have the mental equivalent of a […]

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Mystical Curiosity

“A mystic is not a mysterious person, but is one who has a deep inner sense of Life and of his/her Unity with the whole. A mystic is one who intuitively perceives Truth and, without mental process, arrives at a spiritual realization. …Spirit alone is their teacher.” I love this definition by Ernest Holmes. It […]

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Are You A Wizard?

Recently, out of curiosity, I took one of those quizzes that tell you what kind of person you might be or what your personality traits equal in the way of life experience. I just couldn’t help myself, but now I know why I usually do not allow myself to do these kinds of tests. I […]

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From Pain to Passion

What is pain? Plotinus the ancient philosopher once wrote that “pain was the soul calling itself back to itself.” What do you think pain is? The term means something different to everyone. Pain takes many forms: physical, mental, and emotional. Pain signifies loss of some kind. We feel mentally estranged from ourselves or emotionally separated […]

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Heart-Centered Living

I have been practicing with a meditation by Dr. Joe Dispenza called “Love the Life You Love.” It is all based in heart-centered gratitude and awakening the power of our hearts. I am finding this meditation very life-enforcing and helpful on my journey to fully express my gifts and living the life I love fully. […]

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Comfortable in the Uncomfortable

It is becoming very obvious to me that I need to become comfortable in the the unknown even though it feels uncomfortable. Can we feel comfortable being uncomfortable? What does it mean to feel comfortable? “Free from stress and anxiety…secure…feeling of ease…”are just some of the words that define “comfortable.” This being the case, can […]

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