Where are the Solutions

Can today be a day of solutions and closure on unfinished business? I don’t know about you, but I have a challenge with unresolved issues or experiences that are needing closure. I like completing projects and having answers and making phone calls that resolve issues. Today is one of those days. There is a lot […]

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My husband I were gazing out at the landscape around our new home. From our bedroom, it is as if we live at the top of the world. We can see the different mountain ranges of Kaua`i. We sit amidst the tall trees and are snuggled among citrus trees that are abundant. We looked at […]

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How to Fix a Problem

Ernest Holmes wrote, “If one does not know exactly what he wishes to do, he should treat himself for general success in whatever he attempts to do. He must treat himself for guidance into the knowledge of that which would be best for him to do, remembering that the Inner Mind knows infinitely more than […]

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She’s Gone From Sight

Almost six weeks ago, I was forced to rush to the Island of Oahu from my home on Kaua`i to have retina repair surgery. It was sudden, unexpected and quite a whirlwind trip. You can read more about it in my blogs called “My Hero’s Journey,” beginning on March 12, 2022. One of the most […]

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Healing Isn’t Fixing Things

As I sit here this morning, I am reflecting on what it means to heal. We’ve complicated a very simple process by telling ourselves that we have to fix something. If we could just look at this differently, everything would change. We are not fixing anything. If we were, we would be like the surgeon […]

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