God is Everywhere

I was brought up Catholic and the one thing we repeated when being asked, “Where is God?” is “God is everywhere.”

Of course, that is what I believe. I believe that I am God and you are God. If God is everywhere then, of course, this would have to be true. Emma Curtis Hopkins, the 20th Century healer and teacher, wrote, “There is not a spot where God is not.”

Many people do not like that word God. People ask my husband and I, at our Center, to not use the word. The truth for me is that it is not so much about changing the word as it is about changing my relationship and perceptions about the word. Most people who do not like the word, relate it to that old judgmental God in the sky who is waiting to punish us for our sins.

It’s not about the word God; it is about the definition we give it. To me and to Ralph Waldo Emerson, God and Love mean the same thing. God is not a man on a cloud with a long beard, jotting down our sins and sending out plagues. God is a Principle of Life. God is the Divine Presence that manifests itself through all of creation. God is Love.

When I change my relationship to the word God and give it a new definition, I find that it is the best word I can use . It resonates in a new way. Of course, we are all free to use whatever word we wish. Other words are Source, Light, Energy, Divine. Our choices are infinite and we are always at choice. However, when I use the word, I trust you will remember what I am communicating.

God is right where I am. It is right where you are. No matter what we are experiencing, God is experiencing it through us. The more I become involved with God and allow myself to surrender to its Presence as me, the more I understand and feel God as Love.



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