Time to Rise

It’s Easter Sunday all over the world. It’s Passover all over the world. We get to choose to celebrate it all or none of it. We are always at choice. I’m celebrating all of it because I understand behind it all is one thing and that is the desire to rise up into something new. […]

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What Do You Know?

I just finished watching a beautiful interview with a man named Jeff Olsen, who had a near-death experience. Well, it was even more than that. I’m leaving the link HERE, in case you are called to watch it as I was. You’ll need 46 minutes. The reason I mention it is because it told me […]

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Go for It! Decide

Over the last year, I’ve slowly collected a set of crystal singing bowls. I have felt the call to play them. I’ve never played crystal bowls in my life, but something deep within me said, “Do it!” For the past month, I’ve brought them out into my community and shared this gift with others. I’ve […]

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The Deepening Journey

Do you know that we each have everything within us to manifest whatever it is we want in our lives. There are just three rules for doing this consciously: We must have a clear intention. We must have the energy and emotion behind that intention and then we must allow our intention come through us. […]

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