What Goes Forth From You?

Ernest Holmes wrote, “When the time comes that nothing goes forth from you other than that which you would be glad to have return, then you will have reached your heaven.”

I believe this statement is true and attainable. The question is do I know that it is true? To know something, I must prove it. I can’t think of a better statement to prove than this one. What does it mean that something would “go forth from me?” I believe it would be any thought I have either about myself or someone else. It would be any thing I state as Truth. It would be anything I talk about, think about or act upon. Is everything going forth from me, something I would like to have come back?

What am I thinking about myself today? What am I planning and how do I see it happening? Do I come from the already established premise that it is working out perfectly, or do I interject all the “ifs, ands, and buts?”

A good example is the political climate of the world. Do we sit around and talk about our demise and the wrongness of everything? Do we have a doomsday outlook, or do we find ways to contribute to a better world? Do we spend time thinking and talking about the possibilities that the best is coming about and the truth is rising.

I believe that the :“cream always rises.” It can’t help itself. Truth does make itself known if we will focus on it. What is Truth? Whatever it is to you? Whatever is the possibility for the highest expression of your life – of my life – our life. That is Truth.

The Truth is: what goes out does come back. Just like the tides of time have shown us. I believe it is time to have a bit more spiritual conviction about things. Life is in our favor. If it weren’t, we couldn’t survive for one moment.

What goes forth from each of us today? Do we want it to come back? Let us lay a path of good before us and walk into it. Have a beautiful day!

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