We are All Spiritual Practitioners

I am a Spiritual Practitioner. I have devoted my life to this – to knowing the Truth about whomever presents themselves to me. What does it mean to know the Truth? It means that I know that there is nothing to be healed. The Universe is perfect and so are each of us. We are the Universe, after all.

However, sometimes we think we are separate from the Universe. We believe we stand alone. We believe that things, people and ideas have power over us. We do not realize that everything we could ever require is already here within us. We begin to live our lives from the outside in and these errors become our reality. The Spiritual Practitioner sees through the lie to the Truth. She/He knows it within their own mind and because we all live in the one Mind the client is receptive to the transformation of their mind.

I believe we are all Spiritual Practitioners who do not necessarily realize it. Every day people present themselves to us. We pass them on the street. We have a seeming fleeting conversation with someone in a line at the store or bank. Someone close to us reaches out. I believe that in that moment they just want to be recognized – recognized for who and what they are  – Perfect just as they are. I believe this happens to us every day. Every day we are called to be a Spiritual Practitioner.

I invite you to take note of this today. I invite you to practice seeing the perfection in everything beyond appearances. If something is in our path, it is there for a reason. We’ve called it to us. Let us take note of our surroundings today and our connections. Let us reflection on the perfection of the Universe.


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