I Want to Save You!

Sometimes, I wonder if we all have a little bit of the Savior complex in us. I know I did at one time. I set out in my relationships to save others. I wanted to help those in pain. I wanted to say something that would change someone’s life. I wanted someone to realize how wonderful they were. I wanted to change you!

I am not a savior any more because I learned something. I learned that I have no responsibility for saving others. The only responsibility I have is to save myself. Saving myself encompasses spending time with myself and building my self-esteem and self-love. It encompasses investing in developing the knowledge of my True Identity, which is Divine. Saving myself encompasses getting in touch with and embodying the idea that I am Spirit – a whole, complete being without needs. I am love.

In this state of knowing, I automatically see others in this light. I become a savior by saving myself first. You remember the old metaphor about putting the oxygen mask on yourself before putting on your child’s mask. It is the same concept.

Do I always live in this state? I would say I am more consistent with it; however, when I do fall back, I now have the tools to return my consciousness to its whole state.

Truth is truth and it is recognized when we are open to recognize it. There is a Light within us that can never be extinguished. Robert Browning identified it as the Light we could desecrate but never destroy. That Light is always here, right where we are. It is the reason that we feel the longing for wholeness. We know in the deep of us that Love is our true state.

We are our own saviors because each of us has the ability to open the door inward to our Truth. Others might assist; but in the end, it is up to us – each of us.  The next time we want to save someone else, I invite us to perhaps think upon the idea that what we think needs saving is something within our own consciousness being reflected back to us. If we can admit that perhaps we will find out that there was never anything to save anyone from.



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