What is a Sin?

Ernest Holmes once wrote, “sin is a mistake and punishment is a consequence.” How simple this is and how true it rings in my heart. What is a mistake? Well, to me it is any time I forget who I am or who you are. A mistake is any time I tell myself that I am poor or weak or sick or unhappy. Sins are the lies we live and tell ourselves and others.

It is done unto us as we believe so it would make sense that what we tell ourselves becomes who we are and how we live. The beautiful thing is that we can change in any moment by changing our mind about anything. Have you ever said, “I see the light about…” Yes, we can see the light by shining that light (truth) on any situation or experience.

One might think that it’s too simple, that we cannot just say something and have it be true. Well, that’s true, too. We can’t just say something; we have to believe that we have the authority to say it. We must decide that we mean what we say. We must want things to change. We must be willing to let go of the old and replace it with the new idea.

If sin is a mistake and punishment is a consequence, and I believe it is, then there would be no such thing as forgiveness. What would there be to forgive? I guess we could forgive ourselves for making mistakes. I don’t think it is necessary. A mistake is a mistake and more than likely we didn’t do it intentionally.

Some people blame themselves for their illnesses. How damaging that is! The only thing to do when we are ill is to love ourselves back to our true wholeness. The times I have been sick, I find this works the best along with whatever medicine I believe will help.

I hear a lot of people always saying “I’m sorry.” I even have used that phrase myself in the past. Now when someone knocks something over, or steps on my toe by mistake, or a million other things like that and says “I’m sorry,” I stop them. Why are you sorry? There is nothing to be sorry about.

I check myself often when I’m about to say “I’m sorry.” Did I mean to do that? Did I have the intention of hurt? Is “I’m sorry” necessary here?

The only reason I bring up this example is because I think a lot of us spend a lot of our time apologizing for ourselves, our lives and our unintentional mistakes. We’ve paid enough consequences. That is punishment enough. It is time to let it all go, to change our course. It is time to claim something new for ourselves. It is time to let our true identity of Light and Love rise within us and take over.

All the mistakes of the past our forgotten in this moment. I trust the Universe that keeps this planet turning on its axis in perfect rhythm and keeps my feet planted here to take every feeling and thought that I plant and bring it back to me. I trust the Universe to do the same for you and all.

There is no sin but a mistake and no punishment but a consequence. Let us turn our sins to wisdom and joy and love and let the glorious consequences begin.

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