Ode to Tony Robbins

Last night, we watched a fascinating documentary about Tony Robbins and his program “Date with Destiny.” It was inspiring to see people go deep into their stuff and come out the other side with a clearer picture of their true identity. My husband and I kept turning to each other every time Tony would expound on something that was pure Science of Mind 101. Truth is universal and can come to us through anyone or anything. When we seek the answers to life’s questions be ready to receive them.

The thing that drove deep into me last night was the idea of how painful it is sometimes to reveal our true identity. The people in the documentary had dark and uncomprehendable pasts; and yet, there they were willing to call themselves out.  Tony made it clear that their light had always been there. He made it clear that they were going to choose to do the work…or not. The documentary was called “I’m Not Your Guru.”

The other thing that drove deeply into me is that “nicey nicey” language does not always work. Tony is raw and uses the F word over and over. He is literally right in your face. It is his way, he says, of waking people up. And, they did wake up. Sometimes, we have to be jerked violently out of our complacency.

If I got anything from this documentary it was that life is messy and has been messy for many of us. The messy parts of our life are what have made us who we are. We can continue the meditating, reciting mantras, taking classes, getting degrees and eating organic food, but if we do not expose our true self, mess and all to ourselves, forgive it, bless it, and allow ourselves to keep up the good work, we will remain in the darkness.

I believe we are at a time in our evolution where everything is coming up to be healed. We are no longer allowed to hide, or if we do, we know it. It’s always a choice. For me, the choice is to remain small and mundane or to blossom into my full potential. I choose the blossoming.

It is a daily practice, and Tony reminded everyone of that. People paid thousands of dollars for those six days, but if they go home back to the life they left behind, even if they feel changed, it will not last. Growing is a daily practice and needs daily practice. Evolution doesn’t happen in one moment. Change might happen in one moment and it does, but staying changed which is really a continuation of change is a lifetime journey.

I thank Tony Robbins for the good work he is doing in the world. I bless all the light givers. May they prosper. May they be blessed. They give so much of themselves. Tony made it clear that his own calling came from a deep place within himself that was in need of healing. Even in his work, he is practicing every day. It never ends my friends. That is why it is called “eternal life.”

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