What is a Center for Spiritual Living Practitioner?

I feel the calling to explain what a practitioner of Science and Mind and Spirit is trained to do. We who have answered this call have had many years of study and practice in order to call ourselves licensed practitioners and it doesn’t end the day that we get our license. We are constantly in training.

Here is how Ernest Holmes explains what a practitioner does. I did a little gender altering.

“A spiritual practitioner is one who recognizes man/woman as a Spiritual Reality. Since there is but One Mind, the practitioner makes this recognition within her own mind. Through the medium of the One Mind, her statements rise to objective conditions in her client, according to the practitioner’s belief and the patient’s receptivity.

Healing is accomplished through the act of setting Subjective Law in motion. The more spiritual or Godlike the mentality of the practitioner, the more powerful the treatment. A mental treatment begins and ends within the thought of the practitioner, because she is in the same Mind in which her patient lives. Treatment is the act of inducing right concepts on the subjective side of life.”

In order to be a practitioner, it takes training ourselves to let go of the world of conditions when we turn to Spiritual Mind Treatment. We understand that beyond what we see in front of us is a mental field that is liquid and formless. It is pure energy that has never been touched or influenced by anything. This is the energy of Spirit and we all live within this field. It is our only true identity. When thought takes form, it is just that –  thought, and can easily be changed when we understand and are willing to change the cause behind the thought and replace it with the Truth.

A practitioner sees God in all of life. She understands that God is all there is. She uses the Power of Affirmative Prayer which is the Power of the Word. The Power of the Word of the practitioner is the Word of God, spoken into the one Mind. The Word is complete in Itself, but it only changes the course of the physical reality as embodiment takes place. This is based on the belief of the practitioner and the receptivity of his client.

Most people are receptive to healing. They wouldn’t be sitting in front of us if they weren’t. We must always remember this. Why doesn’t everybody heal in the physical world? This is a question many ask. The Truth is we are already healed. Healing takes place in many ways. We’d like to think that it is a physical thing, but it is a mental thing. When the mentality is healed of wrong thought, a healing has already taken place. The outcome of that healing in the physical world is not ours to decide. The person we are treating is on their own journey. We have no idea what that healing looks like to them, nor do we know their eternal journey.

In essense, everyone is already healed. How that healing shows up is in accordance to the individual journey of that person. For example, let’s say that someone was in an end-of-life situation. The family is distraught and wants that person to live. The practitioner cannot pray for that person to live. Neither can she pray for that person to die peacefully. That is not our privilege. What we can do is to know that Divine Right Action is in place and that the Highest Good of this person is unfolding. We can know comfort and peace of mind for all. We can know that Love is present and infused in the experience.

There is more to share and I will, but for today, I was just called to begin sharing. Being a Practitioner is a sacred calling. I am grateful to have been called to be a practitioner and to dedicate my life to keeping my consciousness ready to meet all life experiences and to be of assistance where I am called.



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