What Are You Thinking?

There is something we all possess and use in every moment. It is called our mental equivalent. Our mental equivalent is the out-picturing of our lives that is created from what we hold in consciousness as true. It is created Unity writer, Emmet Fox, says by “thinking and feeling” He likens the word feeling to “having interest.”

I was struck by this idea of “interest,”¬† as I read this little book called “The Mental Equivalent.” Have you ever really looked at the things you talk about with interest and those that you don’t? I began to monitor my own mind to see where it traveled. I was amazed.

I was amazed because I am practiced in the spiritual realm and, yet, I could still see that my mind, was traveling all over the place, and not necessarily to places I would want to manifest. One of the gifts of Grace is that all the thoughts we have do not manifest. However, there is a state of mind that we carry with us that shows us the world. This is what I am talking about.

Well, taking a second look at myself and a third and fourth, I could see that there is much in my mind that as Emmet Fox would put it, “needs to be expunged.” I am, after all, a work in progress at all times. I am always growing and expanding. I looked deeper to find the real issues behind my thoughts, because, as I know, thoughts come from beliefs. If I do not change those beliefs, I’ll keep thinking the same things.

I don’t know about you, but I want more for my life. I am grateful for the life I have created for myself, but I always want to experience more. I want to think more peacefully. I want to be completely free from fear. I want to be free from judgment. I want to think more abundantly.

Now, I do want to give myself a great deal of gratitude for how far I have journeyed. I am amazing and loving and creative and good. So, why do I still have thoughts that don’t serve me and how do I “expunge them?” The why is not as important as how to expunge them. The answer is simple, “Just stop it.” You might have seen the video by Bob Newhart

Many tell me that just stopping it doesn’t seem possible. Well, there is something we can all use and it works. I guarantee it. When I made this new discovery about my mental equivalent, I immediately went to work using “Spiritual Mind Treatment.” It is a sure method. It is the method of directing your own mind through acknowledging your oneness with Source and announcing your desires from that place. You give gratitude for the completion of your word now and then let it go to Law. Law is that energy field that magnitizes whatever is necessary – people, places and things to accomplish your desire. It works, my friends.

This is the most true method I know. It allows me to change my mind and keep it changed. It’s like pouring clean water in a glass of mud and watching get clearer and clearer.

In these times that we are in, many energies surround us and call us to engage. We have a choice. I want to be strong, true and stand in love, not fear. So, whenever, I feel off, I use Spiritual Mind Treatment. Pretty soon, I find my mind changed. When I monitor my thoughts, I see that I am thinking from a higher place.

Our mind (consciousness) is our great gift. It is our true, eternal self, the thing that outlives this earth plane. I invite us all to use it well – in love and in peace.

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