Here We Come A-Caroling

Last night we had our fifth annual caroling party at CSL Kauai. We invited everyone to our house. They brought treats to share and their hearts and voices, ready to walk out into our neighborhood and sing. We did a Spiritual Mind Treatment before we left, claiming that we would light the neighborhood by shining our own light, and that this light would shine out into the planet.

Well, it was cold for Hawaii. We were bundled up with umbrellas because it was also raining. All forty of us, including five children began our journey into the surrounding neighborhood. Of the thirty or so houses that we walked by, only two families came out to listen to us. Some excuses that we received when knocking on the door was “We’re eating dinner.” Others peeked out from behind curtains. We met a lot of barking dogs. At one house the dog just barked and wagged his tail from behind a closed window. He seemed very entertained. We were singing “Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer.”

Our spirits were not dampened by any of this. We continued to sing until we got a little too cold and wet, and we tramped back to the house. We enjoyed community and food. Never once did I hear a complaint about the lack of response. Everyone was just happy to have had the experience of Christmas caroling together.

What I know about all this is that we never know who we are touching when we go out into the world in love. I remember going to do my labyrinth walks in a prison with 4000 inmates. No more than 20 inmates ever came to the walks. However, we used to say, “the miracle is in the room..” Also, we knew our energy was felt just by walking through those prison gates.

I believe that life is all around me, seen and unseen. We are all touching minds one to the other. We all make a difference when we think, when we sing, when we laugh and when we cry. We are forever one. The vibration of our energy is felt everywhere. When we give like we did last night, we cannot help to lift the planet even just a little. It is felt.

The miracle is in the room or in this case, “on the road.” That miracle is the miracle that happens within us when we give our true selves, no matter who shows up to witness it.

I invite us all to give our true selves this Holiday Season and always. We are each a point of light in the matrix of light. This picture attached from last night even visually shows it. I am grateful for the loving hearts that came out last night. Mahalo!

Love and Aloha and Happy Holidays,

Rev. Rita

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