There is only one place to be

There is only one place to be. It is the present moment. I got that totally on the day of the “Ballistic Missile False Alarm” here on Kaua’i. The present moment is the only place to be. I believe that staying in the present moment can be the most difficult thing for many of us; however, it is worth the work.

As I continue to unravel the moments and occurrences of Saturday before and after we got that text message, I realize that being in the present moment was what put me in the most ideal place. There is only perfect timing and Divine flow. If we really got that, we could remove a lot of stress from our lives. It is a matter of surrender to what is. It was easy for me to do that because I was in the middle of an event that forced me there into the present.

That morning there was an accident on our one road here which stopped all traffic for a few hours and right when we were supposed to be headed toward Healing Horses Kaua’i with our Sacred Journey group. Having to readjust our plans, stay in the moment, surrender, allowed us to be at our Center in a place of relative calmness and peace. The same for our fellow journeyers, who were all tucked into their hotel bathrooms instead of out in the fray when the alarming text came through.

I’m reminded of how many times when planes are delayed and we are stuck in traffic jams that we fret and wish things would hurry up. What if, instead, we were to take a deep breath and just surrender, do what is ours to do and just stay present, realizing that there is always perfect timing.  Yes, I believe we are always in the right place at the right time and the more we can trust that, the more at peace our life will be.

And, I believe that when we truly follow our heart, our intuition that we will find ourselves moving with the flow of life. Dolphins, turtles and other sea animals know that the way to travel in the ocean is to swim with the current. Are we swimming with the current or are we trying to make things different then they are, leaping into the future, or always lamenting the past?

Really think on this one? What do you want your life to be? A struggle or a moment-to moment journey of discovery. In the moment-to-moment journey, we are always given instructions from within on what to do next in any crisis. We also will always find ourselves in just the right place at the right time?

Yesterday, there were actually people have advised us to move out of Hawaii. We are in danger, they say. Well, if that was the case, there would be no where we could be safe. If we look around and out into experience, disaster is imminent everywhere. However, I do not live in a Universe of disaster. I live in God’s Universe that always has my back. It is a Universe of order and harmony. Does it mean that I won’t die some day? Actually, it does. I could never die. All I can do is pass from one plane to the next. The veil is thin right now for many of us and we are beginning to see this and feel this.

If I received anything from Saturday’s experience it is this. Love deeply, be truthful to yourself and others, live fully and find your own way of coming to a peaceful place in your life and STAY IN THE MOMENT. There is magic there.

Oh…any stop saying it is difficult to stay in the present moment. I am actually going to give up this idea and instead affirm that it is easy. How long can we affirm to ourselves something that something is not working and expect our life to work for us? As Eckhart Tolle wrote, “Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have.” 

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita


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