What is abundance? That is the question for me today? Am I a person who experiences abundance as flowing through me and to me and from me?

I invite us all to ask this question for one reason. It is not to “get rich.” It is not because I think we will have more if we do so. It is because having an abundance consciousness will solve all of our challenges both individually and collectively. It will because if we can think abundantly we will live peaceful, full, happy and satisfied lives.  We will do this because once and for all, we will trust the Universe. We will trust ourselves. We will trust each other. We will have faith and leave behind that dreadful feeling of “not enough,” which comes from separation from our Source.

Ernest Holmes wrote, “We see abundance in the Universe. We cannot count the grains of sand on a single beach. The earth contains untold riches, and the very air is vibrant with power. Why, then is man weak, poor and afraid? The Science of Mind deals with these questions.”

Yes, we deal with these questions and their answers; however, each person must find their own answer because each person has the key to their own soul. If we would take the time to unlock it, we would find that the answer is something called “separation.” Many of us do not feel connected to our Source. We act like some isolated island in the middle of a world trying to work out our own way.

There is an answer and it goes like this “The Divine Plan is one of Freedom, bondage is not God-ordained. Freedom is the birthright of every living soul. …Freedom under Law… Thus the inherent nature of man is forever seeing to express itself in terms of freedom.”

If we could do this…if we could realize that we have that freedom and it is all about how we choose to use it…and if we could choose from a place of wholeness, oneness, love, limitlessness, we would experience abundance. We would live in and from abundance.

I invite us to take one step today not toward an abundant life, but from an abundant life. Let us step into life from abundance, always knowing we have enough, there is more to give and more to receive. I am not just talking about money. I am talking about everything – health, friends, creativity and more.

Do you realize that it’s never going to run dry? If the Universe could run out of life, it would destroy itself. We cannot even do that to ourselves. We are eternal. The Universe is always creating from itself. It is what it does. It is creative. We are the Universe.

This is a mental Universe. Isn’t it great to know we do not have to create anything. We only need to live it in mind and the outward picture has to appear.

Have a most abundant day.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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