One Mind…One Heart…One Life

“If I have one mind, and you have another mind, and God has another Mind…three separate minds…I cannot talk with you and you cannot talk with God. If your mind and my mind were not the same mind, we would have not a way by which to communicate with each other. Thus we are forced to the conclusion that there is but One Mind.” Ernest Holmes 1927

This is the whole premise upon which our method of healing – Spiritual Mind Treatment – is based. We all live in one Mind. Scientists¬† and philosphers of the day from Bruce Lipton to Gregg Braden to Wayne Dyer to others are now saying the same thing. We live in one Mind. We actually affect each other when we think for good or for bad. We actually have a responsibility to one another. It is true that we are each other’s keeper in a sense.

Last Sunday, someone mentioned that when we light our peace candle on Sundays we are actually making a difference. Yes, I know we are, and that is why we do it. We all live in one Mind. It is the Mind of God and we are all individualizations in it. By individuaalization we are talking about our use of the one Mind. It is Infinite in scope, but we use it in a limited way. However, what I know is everyday we are getting more and more in-tuned with the unilmited nature of this Mind.

So, you need not feel helpless in your ability to assist in the violent occurences in the world. Little by little or in huge steps, we can make a difference. There is a Power in group intentions, and there is a Power when you sit in the quiet of your own room and let the Peace and Love that is your very true nature to well up within you. It is felt around the world. However, do not believe me. Try it yourself. Experiment with this powerful way to assist the world right now.

But, we cannot do it, if we are still wallowing in our own discouragments and problems. We have to work out our own minds first. We have to realize that there are solutions for us, too; otherwise, we are just adding to the problems. No matter what we are experiencing, there is always an answer. It lies within each of us.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my epitaph to read “She had a lot of problems…” I want ot know that when I leave this planetary world of form that I lived life to the fullest and saw that fullness in others.

So, I invite us all to practice gratitude and forgiveness and to once and for all give up lack, limitation and other energy suckers. We can do it. We are powerful because of who we really and truly are – an expression of that One Divine Mind, all connected and living and breathing one big breath together.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

My book about Spiritual Mind Treatment and its origin is now available both in paper back and Kindle: This Thing Called Treatment

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