Prayers are Answered

Do you have faith? We all have faith. The question is: In what? Do we have faith that life is good or do we misplace our faith in thinking misfortune could come upon us in any moment? It would be wise to check in with this and see where are faith is placed. It makes a difference and the Law responds to us as we believe.

I definitely have faith in my Good. Ernest Holmes writes, “The principle governing faith is, that when the one praying becomes convinced, his prayer will automatically be answered.” 

We’ve recently had a major demonstration and I am grateful. It happened after I had that click that, that deep knowing that I was done looking for our new home, stopping the flow by looking out for it. I simply knew it was here and now and in perfect time. Just before we left for the Mainland yesterday, the home came to us in the most unusual way. Everything fell into place with ease and grace. The details will be finalized on Tuesday.

Someone might ask me: How do you demonstrate? The demonstration takes place when you leave doubt behind and you just KNOW. A demonstration cannot be forced. It can only be allowed. It comes quietly. It comes because you’ve put in the time neutralizing doubt and fear through affirmative prayer and knowing. It takes practice, persistence and always bringing yourself back to the affirmative no matter what appears to be happening in the world of form.

Principle is always working, but if you want it to work in your favor, you must be conscious that you are using it and then use it positively.  I remain strong in knowing that all is well, God is the source and substance of my supply, and the Universe is always backing me.

What’s true for me is true for all of us.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita



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