Clarity and Faith and Positivity

There is a quote from the Science of Mind in regards to practitioners that goes like this: “The sincere practitioner will be sure his own thought  is clear, that his own faith is equal to the demands made upon it. Above all else he must be careful not to be caught in a negative stream of consciousness.”

The licensed practitioner is practiced in keeping his/her mind clear and all of the above; but, in essence we are all practitioners when it comes to our own lives. We are the ones that need to be clear, have faith and be careful not to be caught in a negative stream of consciousness.

How easy it is to do just the opposite. Where do you stand on these three things: Faith, clarity and positivity in this present time. Good questions. I know for myself, if I am ever to wonder why things are the way they are in any particular moment, I have to check in to see whether I’m being clear about what I want to experience. I have to make sure I am not limiting myself by what already is. I have to expand from where I am into the possibility of what can be and stay focused on that.

To me, having faith means that I stay focused on knowing that something is happening behind the scenes of my life that is always working in my favor. Even when it might not look that way, I know the Universe has already answered yes to me. Having faith helps me to keep remaining clear. I begin to see the occurrences in a new light.

Now, the last line about not being caught in a negative stream of consciousness is where everything will or will not fall apart. All our work in consciousness to remain positive about whatever it is can be knocked off-balance if we allow it to.

For me, this means that I allow myself to get invested in the beliefs of others, gossip, naysaying, and feelings of helplessness that can run rampant at any given time. It’s not hard to stay away from this in consciousness unless we tell ourselves it is. There is a positive solution to everything; however, we have to be able to discipline our minds to imagine it, have faith in it and put our action behind it. Sometimes that action is just abstaining from negative conversations and focusing on a positive action instead.

What can we do right now in this moment? We can love someone close to us a little more. We can let go of judging ourselves or someone we might not agree with. We can find things to smile about. We can practice gratitude. I’ve been having so much gratitude lately and the feeling is palpable.

We are living at a time of great change. We can see it as everything falling apart or we can see at it as everything coming together. It’s almost humorous when someone asks “how can you be so positive?” Well, how is feeling negative about it working for you? I choose to know that in the midst of chaos, Divine Perfection is revealing itself. I continue to work on my clarity and faith.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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