Who Gets Healed and Why?

Who is healed and who is not healed and why or why not? I am writing in response to a great blog by Dr. Jim Lockard about healing and the detrimental words and advice we as Spiritual teachers and friends can give others about this subject. The worst thing you can ask someone who is sick is “what were you thinking?” Or the worst thing you can say to someone who just lost a chid is “there in a better place,” or “they chose this.”

I think both as spiritual teachers and lay people, in general, we are always looking for an answer to these questions. We want to know so we can heal. We want to stop the suffering. Or, there are those of us who just don’t care that much about it and are sure that everything is random. It’s all okay and I believe it’s all part of our spiritual evolution. I cannot know another person’s path, nor do I dare to judge it or them.

Here is what I do know. I know that the answer to every issue whether we are in a financial disaster or living with a debilitating disease is love. It is self-love. There is nothing that self-love will not heal. I am not talking about a physical healing. If we are going after physical healings we are starting in the wrong place. We can be healed without a physical healing. However, we cannot be healed if we hate ourselves or can’t forgive ourselves or walk through life with stress and judgment as our daily bread.

I have seen many miracles of healing one’s conditions. I myself have had healings. I have brought myself out of financial disasters. I am also still working on many areas of my own healing. It all always comes back to the same thing – Loving and forgiving myself. When I read about the people who I consider examples – Louise Hay, Jesus, Ernest Holmes, Mrytle Fillmore, Anita Moorjoni and countless others in my own life, I have proven my point.

Again, I am a New Thought teacher who is not going after the physical cure for anything. This is not a get rich quick philosophy or one I come to for the healing of outside conditions of any kind. I approach it as a philosophy that can take us on the journey to knowing ourselves in a deeper and greater way, a philosophy that can give us comfort in times of turmoil and challenge.  A philosphy that teaches one thing – Love. A philosophy that echos the words of the mystics of all the ages: Know Thyself.

What we cannot do today is not as important as what we can do and know. Ernest Holmes once wrote, “do not let anyone belittle you if you cannot walk on water.” Who wants to walk on water anyway? When we want to some day, and it is that important enough to us, I’m sure we will. In the meantime, we will take a boat.

Really, I am more interested in bringing those who come to me back to their amazing selves. What could be more amazing and beautiful than a Divine idea in the Mind of God. I’m sticking to this and growing from here. There was a time we couldn’t fly and now we are visiting galaxies. Starting from where I am, I’m just going to stay focused with the job at hand – deep love.

Love and Aloha,

Re. Rita

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