Chaos or Coherence?

I purposefully turned to the news this morning before I did anything else. I read through all the latest occcurences. I wanted to see how I would feel after doing so. Would it change my meditation? Would it darken my mind in any way?

I imagined what it was like for the majority of people who read and watch the news everyday. I imagined the conversations that must take place and the hopelessness that must be felt. It was papable.

I asked the question “What can I do for a country that seems to be in crisis?” What about guns? What about rights being taken away like the right to an abortion or to marry whomever we want? What about deportation? What about a million other things? I thought and prayed deeply.

It made my meditation even deeper and more necessary. I had turned to the condition. Now, I needed to turn away. What can I Rita do?

I can speak up. I can write. But, more than that I can make the world a better place right where I am. I can make restitution in all my relationships. I can only live in love. I can make myself happy. I can fulfill my purpose. I can build the community I have here. I can be a healing presence by keeping my heart and mind refreshed every day by taking the time to do my own spiritual work – reading – meditating – writing – exercising – praying.

I can do what I say is important to me. I can call my loved ones often and tell them I love them. I can show them that I love them. I can keep my doors open to all. I can see the best in everyone even those who are the most difficult. I can never give up and I can affirm and meditate upon the words of Anne Frank, “Despite everything I believe people are really good at heart.”

I cannot only see the good, but I can live the good everyday. I can support causes that are doing good. I can stop myself from becoming negative or discouraged by doing all the aforementioned things. I know there is a Power to which all of this is nothing. They are effects that can change.

In fact, we are all using this power whether consciously or unconsciously.  I get to use this Power with my mind. I know that one mind using this Power constructively causes a ripple affect that makes its way across the globe and outside of time and space. From seeming chaos and the battling of wills that is taking place I know coherence is unfolding.

I will continue to use my mind consciously on purpose for good. I know that trained thought is more powerful than untrained thought. The more power I give my thought, the more power it will have. Thought followed by action changes everything.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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