Conviction and Consistency

As I read and study not just the Science of Mind, but many other philosophies and teachings, which I do everyday, I am struck by one thing that is taught everywhere. That one thing is how important it is to have conviction and consistency in our Spiritual unfoldment and practice.

What do I mean by that? Whatever we are working on, we must not give up. I meet people everyday who give up on their dreams. They give up on their health. They succumb to financial disaster before they have given a different approach the time and consistency necessary to make changes.

Whether we want to believe it or not, it is a mental universe. This phrase has been coined and professed by many of the great philosophers and teachers in many different ways. When they speak these words, “a mental Universe,” no matter what exact words they are using, it means this. We have to have the consciousness for anything that we want to see in manifestation. In actuality, there is no waiting time. We are looking at and experiencing the world of materialism just as we believe it to be. Cause and Effect are one thing. The time factor is only the time it takes for us to change our mind about something.

This is where the consistency and practice comes in. We’ve had habits, beliefs and ways of being that are both instilled in the womb and during childhood and as we move through life through experience. Those beliefs have become habits of thought. We’ve possibly been thinking a certain way for decades. Until we can recognize them and dare to change them and be willing to do what it takes to do so, nothing in our life can change.

Last night, we watched a documentary about Walt Disney. Now, I do not know what his religious or spiritual beliefs were about, but I could tell from his story that he had belief and consistency in making his dreams a reality. He saw things in mind first and then had the audacity to move forward into the unknown with all his talent and will.

It takes consistency and practice and faith and trust to be a spiritual warrior in this world. I use the word “warrior” not to insinuate that we have to fight, but to know that we have to be strong, filled with faith, and be willing to put that faith into action even when everything seems to be against us.

Joe Dispenza was quoted in the Science of Mind Magazine by Linda M. Potter, a practitioner: “Combine a clear intention with a uncompromomising trust in possibility, then you’ll step into the unknown, and that;s where the supernatural starts to unfold. I think that you and I are at our best when we’re in this state of being.”

The operative phrase for me is “uncompromising trust.” Do we have uncompromising trust in the Universe? Do we have the faith OF GOD, and are we willing to bank everything on it? And, are we willing to stay consistent in doing the work to make the changes we say we want to so much. If we are, there is nothing that we cannot accomplish. I’ve proven this and I am committed to continue to live by this Principle, as I continue to expand.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita


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