Positivity Serves the Best Day

How we speak to ourselves is so important. When I wake up in the morning if I feel my old worn out talk coming up, I immediately do Spiritual Mind Treatment. In fact, it is the first thing I do when my eyes open. I do not even give myself a chance to fall into old patterns of thought, thoughts like this day is going to be this or that. or what about that person. and how will I do this, etc. No, instead, I affirm that my day is great. I affirm that it is unfolding perfectly, that the best opportunities are flowing in my direction. I affirm all the right people are showing up for a most amazing day.

Really, how we speak to ourselves and the thoughts and feelings we put out into our world are important. We can turn our whole day around by planning how we want it to be. It’s called coming from an already established premise. A good one for me is “my life is unfolding perfectly.” Then, no matter what occurs, I know there is a perfect unfoldment that is happening. If it seems like an obstacle is in my path, there must be a resolution also.

By doing this, I am using the only Power I have – my thought impressed upon a Law that says yes to me. Today it is known as our energy vibration. How we vibrate is a magnet. It gathers to us everything that is like and repels what is unlike.

This can be proven and I do prove it everyday both negatively and positively. I prefer the positive. I prefer to look at life from a positive perspective. It is the best way to live through any kind of challenge. It’s the best way to live. Really, how does being negative serve us? It really doesn’t.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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