What is Perfect Timing?

What is perfect timing? Today on the Chopra/Oprah meditation it was discussed and meditated upon. I had an aha. Perfect timing is always right now. What else could it be? We receive what we are ready to receive in every moment.

I look over my life and I can see my growth. I can see all the things I said I wanted and didn’t get when I wanted them. I remember the struggle trying to make things happen and the tears and the frustration. However, I kept going. I would shift gears and just keep studying and applying what I knew at the time. I sometimes thought things weren’t happening fast enough for me, but it was because I was focused on the things and not the connection to Spirit from which all things flow.

Once I settled down and began to trust my process, once I began to study and reveal my true self, slowly things began to change. I realized that the reason things weren’t coming to me was because I wasn’t willing to  give up the things that were standing in the way of the new. I just couldn’t release old ideas and old ways of thinking. I wouldn’t let go of beliefs in lack and limitation. I feared my survival. I saw only what was in front of me instead of into the invisible.

There were several points in my life that brought great insight. The journey to becoming a practitioner was like the opening of a beautiful flower. The journey to ministry was the real battlefield, where all my demons came up to be healed. I stuck with it and broke free at the other end. I stopped blaming others from my own insecurities and worked on those insecurities. I became a servant of life, instead of expecting life to serve me.

What I realize now as I sit here on this beautiful Island, living a life that I didn’t know was even possible back then is that I couldn’t have handled this life at that time. It might have existed as a vague idea, but I couldn’t have embodied it.

We are co-creators with the Universal Creative Force. When we align with it by becoming our true selves and make that our priority, life expands. We see the world and the gifts that we didn’t recognize from our old desperate selves. There is a sense of peace and trust in knowing that everything is happening in the perfect time.

We are the flow of life. We are the beat of life. We are exactly where we need to be in this moment, and if we keep ourselves aligned and open, we will move to the next moment when it is necessary. Joy is really the journey. It’s not about chasing things and experiences. It’s about following the joy.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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