Grow Where You are Planted

I woke up with a slight edge this morning. In fact, I’ve been feeling this edge very much this week. It is the only word I can use to describe the unsettling feeling. I am tuning in and after meditating this morning and doing my treatment work, I realize that this unsettling feeling is being caused by thinking I can change the world, or have to for that matter. After watching the Mr. Rogers film and then hearing the news of certain atrocities toward children,  and then talking to my own daughter about her fear for her children, I was in a state of thinking there was nothing I could do, although I wanted to do everything.

So, what I have understood from all this is that I was being pulled into the negative environment of many heavy hearts who feel the same. I was being empathetic, but not in a good way. I was allowing myself to leave the present moment and move into the “what if” and “what could” happen. What I heard from my own intuition is what I have always heard,  and that is that the only thing to do is to stay right here in the present and do what I am doing already. I am making a difference and that difference has a ripple effect. Even our daily Spiritual Mind Treatments are making a difference. We are Energy and where we put our focus that Energy grows, not just for us, but on a planetary scale.

If I had any advice for us in these difficult times, I would just follow the words of Mother Theresa when she wrote, “Grow where you are planted.” Yes, right where we are planted right now is the perfect place and time to do our work. It’s okay if at times, we get discouraged. It is normal and natural, given everything that is going on. However, we have ways and means to work through that discouragement. We have Spirit, our True Selves that is there for us. We have Spiritual Mind Treatment to remind us of who and what we are.

On Deepak/Oprah’s meditation today, they focused on Grace. I do believe that at times like these Grace is the way. It is here where each of us is. If we can just open up to the possibility that Grace keeps us in the right place at the right time, that Grace finds us where we are but doesn’t leave us there, we can relax a little more.

Really, everything is okay. We are making it through this seeming chaos into a higher order of being.  I’m just going to take a breath and take some time off from saving the world and just grow here in the present moment where I am planted. I’ll be knowing the same for all of you too.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

One thought on “Grow Where You are Planted

  1. Dear Rita, as I reflect after reading your inspiring words, I come back to (as I often do), the image of a lighthouse……the beginning of the beam is tiny, yet it spreads out as it travels far beyond the source. It’s quiet, steady and consistent….offering direction and a feeling of safety to those in need. And often, it is located on a tiny bit of rough terrain in the midst of angry seas or treacherous rocks. I see you as a lighthouse. The outward influence of spiritual mind treatment is the light beam.
    I’m grateful for the light you shine🙏🏻


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