Holy Communion

Today, as I sat after reading the Science of Mind passage on Cosmic Consciousness (341), I contemplated the idea of our oneness with the Divine and the Holy communion we have the opportunity to take part in at every moment. It took my breath away, because I wondered why we just don’t take that opportunity. We use the excuse of busyness, and things that take our time, and lack of sleep and many other reasons. However, if we really believed in this communion, I don’t think we would have any excuse. We would not be able to resist it. It would be all-time.

Today, as I sat in meditation, I just let myself be. I didn’t try to do anything. I didn’t try to make anything happen. I just let myself be. I thought what if communion with Spirit didn’t take any effort at all? What if it just were our true essence and state of being? What if it were just being ourselves…truly? What if we just needed to remove the clouds of our illusion of the conditional world being separate from the spiritual world? What if this communion just was? I let that thought pour through me and all I could feel was a complete peace of mind, no effort, just an inward smile.

We make things so difficult at times. We create all kinds of scenarios for ourselves. We reach out to healers, teachers, dozens of modalities. We think the answer lies in a past life. We have our cards read. We think that perhaps some great teacher will come, and then we will get it. I think, for me, that the Truth is that I already know. Everything that appears in my life is just pointing the way to what I already know. If I can just relax, take a breath and be with it, the opening and answer is there.

There are no tricks. Nothing is hidden. Clarity is ours now. I believe we need to do what Emerson once stated, “Get your bloated nothingness out of the way of the Divine Circuits.” We all hated that quote in class. We found it insulting. Bloated nothingness? Well, we are really something! Not bloated with nothingness!

Well, I get it more and more now. There is nothing there besides what we have fabricated as something. I think when I become nothing and no one is when I have the greatest mystical experiences. Anything is possible. I am in the Absolute. I know it can be hard to stay there when so much of the conditional world is there right in our face pulling us; but, what if we stopped trying to push it out of the way and just were okay with it? What if we allowed ourselves to embrace our mystical selves while moving in the conditions, helping others, speaking our truth, being examples? What if we were trying to change anything or anyone. What if we just lived our God selves now?

If it is living and breathing we cannot control it, but we can be an influence. I believe that influence comes when we are living our true selves, our mystical selves. If there ever were a time for this communion to take place for each of us, it would be now. What are we waiting for?

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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