Like Flying?

Someone posted on Facebook today, “Did I ever tell you I do not like flying?” or something like that. Well, did I ever tell you I don’t like flying either. I have a trip coming up, too. Flying is my least favorite thing to do. However, over the last few years, I’ve had a change of heart and have learned to be with it. What I mean by that is that I’ve learned to allow myself to be okay with not totally liking it, but still being willing to embrace where I am at. I feel appreciation and gratitude for the abilities that flying gives me like visiting my family or having experiences I might not otherwise be able to have. Flying is a great blessing.

So, how do I get over those jitters I feel whenever I have to fly? I give it up. I surrender. I realize that I have a choice. I can choose fear or faith. Faith is much more preferrable as it soothes me and allows me to relax and just enjoy where I am at. I also truly have the faith that no matter what I experience while flying I am just fine.

Once about a month after September 11 2001, I had to fly somewhere. We were in the middle of the flight and suddenly there was a huge explosive sound. Of course, because it was so close to 9/11 my first thought was “bomb.” However, nothing happened and no one said anything. The flight merely continued. Interestingly my initial reaction was not panic. I simply surrendered. A feeling of peace came over me and I knew everything was just fine no matter what would transpire.

This is the way I believe Spirit works through us when we need it most. It is always there when it is needed. Why? Because it is the essence of who we are. We can always trust and have faith that all our needs are met in every moment. If we can live in only this moment and then the next and the next, we have everything we could ever require.. The Universe has our back.

I’ll always remember that feeling I had that day when I surrendered and just knew all was well. Do I still get nervous when I have to fly? Yes, but I think it is more of just an old habit. It is not what I really believe. If I take a deep breath center and remember what I really know, the jitters settle and my experience transforms.

Moment by moment in the present moment is the only way I know how to travel. I make my plans, and then just enjoy the magic carpet ride. My husband always sends me off with the challenge to go first class the whole way. A first class travel plan is beyond a first class seat. It is an attitude that infuses the experience with magnificent, awesome twists and turns and unexpected prosperity and adventure in every moment.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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