I Accept!

What an amazing day and what an amazing outcome of our elections. I trust we can all be grateful for the good that has occurred, no matter if we are blue or red? I know that if we can appreciate the gains instead of the losses in all of life, that we are in a much better place to create more of the good we say we want. Can we accept and believe that something really good and amazing occurred in this election? Can we accept progress, or do we still lament at what didn’t happen?

In the philosophy of Science of Mind and Spirit, we talk about belief as the first factor in healing. Ernest used the term “unqaulifiedly accept” when talking about healing. If we do not unqualifiedly accept and believe that we can heal, then that is what we need to work on as metaphysicians. So, let’s bring this idea of unqaulifiable acceptance to the world and its challenges. Do we unqalifiedly accept that we can have the world that we want? Do we believe it, or are we still worried about the worse that will occur?

Now is the time to begin to count the victories instead of the losses. Now is the time to believe that things are getting better. Now is the time to accept that we are making a difference as individuals. Now is the time to accept that we can do more and by doing more create more good. Now is the time to accept that we are wiser. Now is the time to accept that love is shifting the world. Now is the time to accept that everything we do is moving us forward to peace.

When I use the term “acceptance,” I am talking about being able to open up and receive the good that we want, to actually mentally take it. In order to do this, we must first believe it is here. After belief, comes acceptance.

Today, I accept that all the awakening that has taken place over the last few years is making our country great again. Perhaps, not in the way that was originally intended, but in the way that has a deeper meaning. People are more awake. People are rising off their couches and doing something instead of relegating the doing to others. People are speaking out. People are truly awakening to and speaking out for the freedoms intended by our forefathers and foremothers.

During  WWII when we were bombed at Pearl Harbor, it was said that a sleeping giant had been awakened. I’m not sure why it takes tragedy to wake us up, but it seems to be the case. I don’t think it will always be this way. I think one day, perhaps today, we will say “enough is enough.” We will accept freedom. We will accept joy. We will accept each other as equal. We will accept our differences. We will accept a greater understanding of what it means to be human beings on this little blue planet in the middle of space. We will accept our animal friends as important. We will accept all our resources as golden. We will accept our oneness. And,  in this acceptance, as we mentally take it, it will manifest as a reality.

I accept that today, November 7 we are one large step closer to living in this acceptance, to living in peace. I claim that today is the day that we take the word “will” out of our vocabulary and merely say. I accept freedom. I accept joy. I accept equality. I accept our differences. I accept a greater understanding of being human on a beautiful blue planet. I accept my animal friends as important. I accept all our resources as golden. I accept our oneness NOW! I accept peace now. And now, I LIVE IT.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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