Do You Feel It?

You are not imagining it. I am hearing it from so many near and far. They feel something. They want to do something. Some are not sure what it is, but it is welling up within them – a feeling of expansiveness, longing, wanting to express themselves in a new way. People are moving, dying, selling houses, buying houses, changing careers, laughing, crying, losing everything, feeling and so much more. I liken in to being in the middle of a cyclone whirling through space, picking up momentum, picking more and more of us up and tossing us to and fro.. When will we touch down in Oz?

I feel it too and I am so grateful to be alive at this amazing time of chaos. Did you know that Henry Adams wrote, “Chaos breeds life; order breeds habit.” It makes sense to me. We are struggling for life right now. The old ways don’t work anymore. We are in the middle of one of the most powerful moments in our evolution when climate, conflict and economics have all come together ot let us know that something has to change or we will perish.

We have two ways to look at all this. We can understand that a shift is happening and it’s exciting time to be alive and find our place in it so that we can be of the greatest assistance; or, we can continue to lament and cry and stamp our feet, add to the violence and grab our wallets in fear, stress out, make ourselves sick and maybe even check out. I know it sounds drastic, but perhaps it is.

I choose to live through it all and welcome in the new era. Did you know that one idea can change the world. Think of it. It’s true. Think of all the one ideas that changed our very world. Do you have one idea? I am asking myself right now: “How can I help?” If I wnted to learn something what would it be? I know that in order to go through this change, I must be resiliant. I must use my intuition. I must act from my heart. I must give what I have to give.

These are great times. They are filled with pain, but anyone who has had a child or experienced the birth of one, knows that birth is painful. I am grateful to all the souls who have given so much to wake us up, either through their death or through bringing us ideas that assist us. I am grateful to be alive during this time. I am grateful to know that because I am here, there is something powerful for me to do. I believe the same about you.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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