It Might Be Time to Surrender

If you’ve been working at something very hard, if you’ve been wanting something, if you’ve been praying for something night and day, and are feeling so frustrated, it might be that you’ve reached the point of surrender.

What is surrender? It is not giving up. It is not saying that you don’t care what happens or that you do not want what you want. For me, surrender means that I must let go of the outcome to be fulfilled in the highest and best way for me and all involved.

Surrender is giving up to Divine Will. Please don’t confuse the term Divine Will with whatever some God on a cloud sees fit for us. Divine Will comes from within us and it is always Good. It is always for our highest and best and aligned with our deepest journey back to oneness.

The practice of surrendering to Divine Will is a matter of great Faith. It means that we are not trying to make something happen, but that we have faith that everything, and I mean everything, is always unfolding for the highest good of all. It is faith in the mystery of life. It is faith that as we let go, more and more will be revealed to us on a deeper and deeper level. We will begin a journey of new understanding.

Sometimes, we can only come to this point of surrender after our long struggles and fits and anger and petitions and claiming. That’s okay. This, what I have learned, is all part of the journey. Surrendering to Divine will does not mean we let go of our feelings and merely say yes to whatever unfolds with a smile on our face. The smile will come after we let go. Surrendering to Divine Will means we let go because we know, I mean truly know, that all is well.

The gift of surrendering to Divine Will is the transformation of our experience, not because something in the outside world has changed, but because we have changed to way we experience it.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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