Honoring Nora

Today we celebrate Nora James Rose-Hines. When I use the word celebrate I mean what I say. There is much to celebrate about this Being of Light and Love who has brought many of us together to love each other more deeply. Her transition has demanded that we become more of our True Selves now.

I have known Nora James Rose-Hines since she was seven years old and she first entered into the youth program at NoHo Arts Center for New Thought. I was serving there with my husband Patrick, who was the Youth Director. We had established a one-room school-like youth center  We nurtured children from one to twelve.

If I were to give my first impressions and contact with Nora I would use the word “Creativity.” Nora is creativity. She was the first to put the words and draw the pictures on our banners and group projects. She was the fist to volunteer to answer the questions presented. She didn’t have patience for unruliness and spoke out for order and balance in the room and amongst all of us. She nurtured the little ones and encouraged their creativity.

Most of us have seen Nora’s video on Facebook or YouTube where she talks about “letting her God show.”  This is my understanding of who Nora was and is and what she expected from us. It would be natural to let your God show. I remember once being at a family party with her. Her mom asked me to sing, but I held back. I said no as I was feeling insecure in the moment about my voice and singing. I can still see Nora’s expression of wonder at my decision not to sing. Why wouldn’t someone not show their God self when asked?

However, my insecurity in that moment didn’t stop Nora from moving forward. Nora showed her God in bold and beautiful ways through her music, through her dance, through her visual arts, through her love and service to children. She is bold and beautiful.  Ernest Holmes wrote, ““Love is the self-givingness of the Spirit through the desire of Life to express Itself in terms of creation.” 

We are all Love. It is our very essence and Divine Nature. God is Love and Love is God. Nora is Love. Nora exemplified “the self-livingness of the Spirit through the desire of Life to express itself in terms of creation” in a multitude of ways.

Today, I celebrate her and I honor her by never holding back my God-self again like I did that day I refused to sing. What other ways do I hold back? As Nora said, “My God is showing when I am being myself and not letting fear and inhibitions get in my way.” It would be impossible for God to have fear or inhibition. That is Nora in truth, and I honor her by making it my Truth from this moment on.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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