Growing into Source

For me, abundance means that I trust that everything in my life is met to overflowing at all times. This would include love, money, peace, joy, creativity and more. This really is the truth of who and what we are. We come from an Infinite Source that is ever creating from Itself in a multitude of ways through each of us. We impress this Force Field (One Mind) with our thought which is free think what it wishes at all times.

We are free spontaneous beings living in an unlimited Field of Energy. What we use of it is our individuality. There is, again, only one way to use it and that is through the avenue of our thoughts. Of course, our thoughts come from our beliefs.

How do you think upon life? Are you always looking for something good to happen and it never does? Are you reaching out into space for something to come to you? Are you puzzled in thinking through how you will accomplish whatever it is that you want to accomplish? Are you always struggling? This is not our true nature.

What if, instead, we could believe that we are not reaching out for something, but instead letting something out. Instead of always thinking we are needing more or wondering about how we are going to get something; what if we just know that it is already here. We start right where we are and begin to trust and walk out into our lives with what we have, grateful and always expecting to be taken care of.. We listen deeply to our intuition for instantaneous guidance and direction.

Intuition is that deep knowing. It doesn’t figure things out. It knows. It is that pattern of thought that answers our questions before we ask them. It thinks from an already established premise like I am abundant. For the most part, this thing called Intuition is a now and then thing. But, I believe that we can make it a now thing. We can use it all the time. It takes letting go of the superfluous stuff in our minds and really taking the time to be our true selves and to listen to the Mind greater than we are that is right here surrounding and within us.

Remember, It’s all here. What we use of It is our individuality. We cannot make It smaller than it is because It is everything. We can only make ourselves larger. We can grow into It by using more and more of It on a daily basis. It sometimes comes in small steps and sometimes in huge leaps.

One of things I know is that we must be definite. When we are definite, we will be living the life we were born to live. It might not even show up in the way we expect, but suddenly, we’ll look around and ask, How did I get here? It’s what I always dreamed of. That’s right it’s what we always dreamed of and that’s how we got here.

Happy Abundant Day!

Love and Aloha,’

Rev. Rita

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