Flow! Flow! Flow!

Today, I am to speak on rekindling my childlike wonder and I find myself in the midst of something that is pretty foreign to me  – a cold. I’m thinking back on the past month and all the different emotions and feelings and thoughts I’ve had, and it is no wonder that I find myself congested and a bit under the weather. That’s all a cold is…congestion. However, I can choose again.

For me, the remedy for a cold is to just let it flow. I begin to straighten out any confusion I have about anything. I do not resist the congestion, but I do open up to allow more light and love out.

What does this have to do with rekindling childlike wonder? Well, a child is very impressionable. In fact, children before a certain age, take on the thoughts and feelings of their parents.  My chid is impressionable. In fact, my child is the pure Spirit within me that is connected at all times to its Source. I must free my child to her truth right now, not clouding her with the beliefs in colds and confusion. Going back to a pure state of thought and believing in the good in everything and everyone is a good remedy right now. I must let her come out and play.

When we use the term rekindle, it implies that we are giving something more of something, like giving a fire more fuel to burn or stirring the embers that are glowing right beneath the surface until they burst forth into flame again. Rekindling my childlike wonder is a similar process. I am giving her more of what she requires, which is a reminder of who and what she is – pure Spirit, God, Life, perfect in every way.

There is nothing that can stop-up Spirit, except our own choice to block it. As Emerson so eloquently put it, “We must get our bloated nothingness out-of-the-way of the Divine Circuits.” In the very center of our being is our Child, our God Self. The Divine circuits are always there. It’s time to free them. It’s a choice. Flow! Flow! Flow! No resistance but flow, flow, flow.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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