Love is My Religion

If we look at what’s happened in the Methodist Church in regards to LGBT denial of rights in the name of religion and the multitude (too many to name) that profess that it is Christian to discriminate, judge, even murder, we can get very very discouraged and feel like we are never going to make it to the Promise Land, where love presides.

I understand this and understand how we can feel helpless to do anything to assist. But, there is a way. Open your doors to everyone! Start your own religion called “Love.” We all have this capability and we do not have to have a 501 (c)(3) to do it. We are our own church. We are our own Religion and we get to practice it everyday.

Look to where we judge and turn it to love immediately. If we are judging ourselves for our past or our neighbor who doesn’t act the way we would like them to, turn judgement to love.

There is something called tolerance. I do not like that word because, for me, it connotes that we just letting something be even though we have judgement about it. The better word is acceptance. Can we accept everyone where they are and bless them as unique expressions of the One Heart/Spirit? Can we stop fighting everything and start creating causes for good?

I recently was working with someone going through a court procedure. This person said to me. I don’t know if I want to spend the time left in my life, using my energy in this way. The person was talking about the negative energy surrounding law suits and fighting for money. Yes, the person had a lot to lose, but what can be more precious than peace of mind and days spent in loving creativity.

Am I saying to just sit back and let people walk over us? No one can walk over Love. There is a Presence that is moving upon the earth. It is becoming more and more felt and is permeating our very existence. It can only assist us by working through us. What I am saying is to begin where we are and start our own campaign for love. If it is through our music, our art, our trips to the grocery store, our work at the office or beginning a whole new organization, we will make more of a difference in being for something then fighting against something.

I say to the LGBT community, there are plenty of religions that accept and love you, and will allow you to be clergy and get married. There are places where you are welcome and considered equal. A friend and mentor of mine use to say, “If you are not getting fed somewhere, stop going there.”  

I used to be Catholic. I could never have been a priest there, but now I am a minister (my calling). I found a religion that said yes to my heart and soul. Why would we stay somewhere that rejects us, trying to change their stone-aged minds?

Love is my religion and it is the only religion that I am part of. It doesn’t need a building or clergy. It is a way of life. We can start this religion anywhere at anytime. It is our true identity and it will flourish. Love is the greater power. Eventually it will wipe out anything unlike itself, not through a war, but through love consciousness that moves into conscious loving living.

I stand with the LGBT Community and only want to be where everyone is welcome.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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