There’s Only One Life

I’m not sure if they are the words of Ernest Holmes or Emma Curtis Hopkins, two healers and mystics from the 20th Century, but I love this mantra: “There’s only one Life. That Life is God’s Life. That Life is Perfect. That Life is my Life now.” 

The words have been put the music by various New Thought Artists and I love to sing or say this chant whenever I am feeling less than whole. It brings me back to Center and reveals to me that God/Life Force is right here where I am.

Some people do not like the word God and they let me know this. I’ve noted that some of the latest in the New Thought World, people we really listen to like Dr. Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton and others don’t really use the word God. Mike Dooley calls it Universe. The others call it Energy, the Field and other terms that are gentler on the ears of some of us. They do not want to associate themselves, perhaps, with Religion for fear that someone might not listen. I totally get this. We’ve been turned off, unfortunately, by the beautiful word “God,” as the word has referred to a judgmental, angry man up somewhere out there.

My life changed the day I came to understand that this was not my truth anymore. I like the way Ralph Waldo Emerson expressed the word God. “God is Love.” Yes, God is Love. It is a Presence. It is not a deity off away and high above me. God is the essence of Life – my life and all life.

So back to my mantra. There is only one Life. We know that now. Life is a whole and complete unit. The Cosmos is one Life, connected, united. That Life is God’s Life. It is the Life of Source expressing itself in a multitude of ways, always coming from the one Life. That Life is Perfect. It is harmonious, balanced. It’s easy to see this. Look what it does without any of our help. It heals wounds within our bodies. It keeps the planets spinning. The tides roll. The oceans regenerate themselves. The trees shed leaves and grow them again. This Life is our Life now. Can we believe it? Can we believe that we could be as perfect as all that? Can we believe that we have the capacity to be harmonious, balanced, so close to God/Source that it is our very breath?

Believing is a choice. I choose to believe this and learn more about it, thereby learning more about myself, the Thing I call God, and how to use it by allowing it to truly be MY LIFE NOW!  Whatever each of us believe and whatever we choose to call the Power greater than we are that is who we are is our journey called life.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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