There’s a Healing Going On…

There is something called the Wholeness Paradigm that is prevalent in all religious, spiritual and even scientific realms. Metaphysically speaking, it can be translated to mean that “there is an essential unity that runs through all of creation—one source of creative stuff with limitless diverse expressions. The wholeness paradigm is at the core of quantum physics. And furthermore, the Cosmos is a unity and all experiences to the contrary are merely a false perception and all false perceptions may be healed.”

The core belief is that if we would change our perception, we would change our experience. It seems so simple, but in essence it is the most difficult thing that is set before us, for right now at least. We are so hooked into what we see in front of us that it is difficult to think that anything but the present reality could exist.

If we are sick or in pain, it is difficult to change our perception of our circumstances, to imagine and affirm ourselves as well, to love ourselves back to health. However, this is what we are being asked to do now in this millenium, and many are doing just this. Miraculous healings of all sorts abound.

The old ways are breaking down. Things are not working by using old ways of trying to fix them. We are ready for something really, really different.  I talked to a friend today that helps to clean the ocean here on the Island. He told me that they pick up something like 50 tons of debris a year. Can you imagine? How could we ever feel that we are getting ahead with just this one thing when we know there will always be more to fix, more to pick up.

The issue is that we have to turn everything back and start over again. We have to get to the core of why that debris is in the ocean to begin with, and heal that. We have to admit to the enormous stresses and dysfunctions that we have as a species and as individuals and heal that. We have to start to perceive it, believe in it, feel it before it happens, so the wheels can start turning.

We must apply the wholeness paradigm to everything. We are not separate, we are one unified unit. There is nothing to be healed, only to be revealed. Once this truth is revealed with the individual mind and acted upon, we will begin to see a lessening of the hatred, anger, violence, guilt, shame and all the emotions that put us on the destructive path. Love heals all. I believe that it is much easier to think of healing my mind than it is to try to fix a bone or continue to pick up 50 tons of trash from the ocean a year. We can’t fix things from the outside

Is it too late? I do not think so. My friend and I were talking about getting involved in politics and the frustrations of wanting to assist in that realm. I said, I’d rather approach all this one person at a time. If I can help one person heal their lives, the ripple effect is guaranteed. I’ve already witnessed this.

When we put our mind into changing our perceptions, everything in the Universe comes in to make sure that it is so. It begins to change cells and the very fiber of us to match our perceptions. If we can stick with it long enough and move into action from that place, we are already successful.

The Wholeness Paradigm is the new World of becoming all that we can be to ourselves, to each other and to this planet. It’s finally here. There is a healing going on. I can feel it. More and more of us are understanding how important it is to being kind and loving to ourselves, our fellow humans, and our environment. We are understanding this because we are seeing past the prejudices, the hatred, to the core of who we are – pure Spirit, whole, complete, unique and beautiful in our uniqueness. We are experiencing our connectedness on many levels. We are each part of the big tapestry of the Cosmos. We are definitely evolving.

Love and Aloha,

Rev Rita

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