Can We Direct Our Feelings?

Did you know you can direct your feelings? Thoughts equal feelings equal emotions. This is what I am learning to even a deeper level. Does it mean suppressing anything? No, it means expressing everything and then deciding what you want to focus on.

I did a simple exercise last night while making dinner. I was feeling a little melancholy for no reason at all. I didn’t really know why. Sometimes, that isn’t important. I just said, I am going to stay here in this kitchen by myself until I feel differently. What should I do? I continued cooking and was prompted to turn on some musicals. Within a few moments I was enveloped in the joy and love I have for musical theater. The little bit of melancholy I was feeling just melted away. Soon after, I moved into my creativity and passion for planning what would be next in my life. This was all inspired by just listening to the music.

As I’m learning from my work with Dr. Joe Dispenza. An intention backed by an elevated emotion is powerful. We have to watch those elevated emotions and choose them. I do not tell myself I can’t. I tell myself I can. Then, I do. Who is in charge anyway?

Today, I got up and did one of my deep meditations. Within it, I asked myself, what do I want this day to be like? What am I bringing to this day, as me, Rita. The answer came clearly, immediately. Truth has a way of doing that. As Ernest Holmes once wrote, “truth is immediate.”  I had to choose what I wanted to bring to this day and not let it be chosen by outside influences.

One of the things I am learning about the unhappiness that so many people experience is many times it comes from not making a decision. There is something we know that we must change about our life and we just can’t do it for whatever reason. I believe that when it gets so uncomfortable where we are that one of two things happens: we are either forced into the change by some outside cause (which is really coming through us, but unconsciously); or we make the change consciously. Either way, we will grow and the Universe will assist us.

The Universe is us and it moves through us into expansion all the time. There might be different degrees of expansion, depending on our openness and willingness to surrender, but it is expansion, nevertheless. Another thing I’ve learned through my study of the Science of Mind and Spirit is that we learn in two ways: by bitter experience or by intuition. I prefer being in sync with my intuition, but I have also learned through bitter experience. I look forward to more of the intuition path.

Well, what I know is I can’t just say I want more of that. I have to put my Spiritual work behind what I say I want. This journey called life is fascinating and exciting. The observer part of us (that higher self or whatever you want to call it) is like a ring master in a sort of circus, training our lower self that still is addicted to the 3D world even when it doesn’t serve us. We are more than this and although the 3D world is good some of the time to get done what we need to in the physical realm, I am must happier letting my higher self take the lead. What did that great loving master teacher say? “Be in the world, but not of it.” We can do both quite nicely.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita


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