We are Nature

I am marveling at my orchids today. Patrick and I received them from various people last year when we moved into our house here in Kapaa. Well, they all lost their blossoms within time, as orchids do. I cut the dead away and left them outside. Well, these orchids blossomed a second time even more beautiful than they were originally. In fact, there are more blossoms and larger ones, too.

I am so moved by this today because it reminds of how Nature is always replenishing itself. It is so abundant. The leaves fall, the leaves grow back. We mow the lawn. and the law grows back. We even treat Nature poorly, and it continues to revitalize itself.  Nature re-creates, at one with the one Source.

Do we feel the same way about our own lives? Do we realize that we are Nature? We have all the same capabilities for abundance and rejuvenation. I love the story of the hen that Ernest Holmes tells. He reminds us that the hen knows to set upon her eggs for 21 days never disturbed by the doubt that they will hatch. She just knows.

The Truth is that Nature is instinctual and so at one with itself that it only knows creation and recreation. It just does what it does with order, harmony and balance. Even a forest fire is nature taking care of itself.

Because of our ability to choose, we hesitate, we doubt, we have fears. However, still we are the same as Nature. Living in intuition, in our oneness with Life brings total and complete peace. We know that we are always provided for and that miracles are the normalcy of being.

I thank these beautiful orchids today for reminding me of my unity with the whole. I am so grateful.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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