Faith is a Spiritual Practice

Faith is not a religious practice; it is a spiritual practice. We do not have to belong to a church or be a “good” person. Faith is a gift we all have. It is an energy, a force, that waits for us to use it.

Something happens when we practice faith. In fact, we do not really have the luxury to be without faith. Ernest Holmes wrote on page 565 of the Science of Mind,“Faith is operated upon by some principle which is a government of Law and Order, and which has within Itself the power to execute Itself.”

We are never without faith. We are always practicing it in that it is a matter of where we are placing our faith. Faith is an energy that comes from within us and we are giving it to many things on a daily basis. Misplaced faith is what we call fear. Fear is operated upon by a principle of Law and Order also. It brings us more to be afraid of.

No matter which way we look at it, faith is. I choose to practice my faith today and always. I know that no matter what occurs in my life that I am always guarded, guided and protected. I have faith in this. I do not fret about the future, because I know the future will meet me in the most perfect way when I arrive there.

I believe that practicing faith is a skill that can be cultivated. It might not happen over night, because some of us have spent a lot of our time in fear and we are not familiar with the feeling of peace that faith can bring. I know that the only way to begin to practice faith is to begin.

From right where we are, just begin to nurture our feelings of those experiences we want in our life. If it is more health, we can have faith enough in the Power that made everything that it can create better health for us. If it is money we need, faith tells us that we always have enough. We only need to look around to see that the Universe is in a state of constant abundance. We can trust that our works will multiply.

Faith is a gift that we can give to ourselves by allowing it to flow through us. People will ask, “How do I do that?” There is only one answer, practice it. You have the choice of what you think. The outside world is not going to build your faith. It starts from within by making an effort to walk through the world without fear. Even when what we consider the “worse that could happen” happens, we are still here a little bit wiser and the better because of it. Life supports us through everything.

This Universe is a Universe of order and balance and harmony. The only reason it doesn’t seem that way at times is because we are working against the order and harmony. We are saying we want one thing, but fearing the very thing we are saying we want. We are holding back our love from ourselves. We are doing things because we feel like we should instead of because we want to give our love to the world.

Faith only asks that we use it. It is an energy, a force, that is as real as we believe it is. Ernest Holmes wrote, “We must let go of everything, drop every fear from our minds, drop all confusion from our thought, and enter into the inner secret communion with that great Reality, which is our Universal Self – God – in Whom we live and move and have our being.”

These are not just words; they have been proven by many of us and can be proven by you. Do you want more peace of mind? Practice faith. Do you want to let go of fear? Replace it with faith. Practice the power of faith and watch your life begin to turn around and begin to climb upward.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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